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Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving- Covid style!

Please stay safe!

Happy Diwali

The festival of lights, an Indian holiday that we celebrated over the weekend.

The message and wishes of Diwali are victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance!

Busy Hands, Loving Hearts

My kind friend, Teresa sent me 3 face masks that she handmade for my personal use.  These are so cute, and I am so touched, but the story behind it is even more uplifting.

Teresa has already made 30 so far but is now working on supplying all of her husbands’ work crew. Her mother taught her how to sew, and she is now using those precious lessons, sewing machine, and materials that all belonged to her mother, to spread hope during these unprecedented times.

The front of the face masks

The insides The butterflies and frogs hold the filter materials.


Teresa wrote a note that reads:

These face masks were made with love from materials and supplies left to me by my mother. Even the sewing machine was hers from the 1960s!  All mechancial and still going strong!

The smaller mask with elastic ear loops has a pouch to insert a filter material, if you can find any.  Without the filter, it is 60-80% effective in catching bugs, made from 100% cotton fabric.  If it seems too big, loop a ribbon or string thought the ear loosp and tie around your head for a better fit.

The rectangular style mask has filter material inside (inter-facing).  I don’t know how effective it is but have heard that this might be as much as 90% effective in catching bugs, also made form 100% cotton fabrics.  This mask seemed hotter to wear to me but if placed just right, didn’t fog my glasses!

Nothing guarranteed, but I figure it’s better than nothing and at the very least keeps us from touching our faces.

Thinking of you and hoping you stay safe.

In California, it is now ordered that we wear face masks anytime we make a trip outside, and we can only make trips outside for essential business, such as groceries, pharmacy or medical appointments.

These face masks are cute, whimsical and so thoughtful that I am smiling — believe me, I am smiling, even though you can see it from behind my face mask.

Be safe and kind,


Delivery: 175 to Babies

A little bit ago, our dear friend, Melissa was able to deliver 175 items to the babies in the NICU at St. Joe’s in Orange County.   The delivery included 110 red hats, 64 hats of various styles and colors, and 1 pair of baby booties.

February Delivery for NICU

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this delivery, by making the hats, labeling and photographing the hats to delivering the hats!  We are so grateful that you are committed to spreading hope and love!

Thank you!

Delivery: 123 items to Children and Teenage Chemo Warriors

Last week, our dear friend, Melissa was able to deliver 123 items to the Pediatric Oncology Unit at CHOC (Children’s Hospital in Orange County).  It included 3 scarves, 1 headband and 119 hats of various styles, colors, and sizes.

February Delivery for Children

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this delivery, by making the hats, labeling and photographing the hats to delivering the hats!  We are so appreciative of you and your dedication to making this world a better place!  It’s easy as 1-2-3 because of you and your support!

Thank you!

Utah’s Skyridge High School Sends Hope

We received a package filled with hats from the National Honor Society from Skyridge High School in Utah.

UT HS Hats

We are so impressed when youth get involved in making a difference in the world- showing compassion and love for strangers is a lesson that few understand until much later in life.

We are so proud of everyone involved and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you!

So Proud of our Youth!

We received a box of hats made by the ROAM Club from Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.

Hats made by high school

We always applaud when our youth get involved to make this world a kinder, better place.  We are impressed with these hats and the level of difficulty and dedication found– you make us so proud!

These hats will keep babies and chemo warriors warm and feel loved!

Thank you for helping us spread hope, love, and warmth!

110 Red Sweet Hearts

A new friend, Barbara from Georgia made 110 red baby beanies in various sizes and styles for the American Heart Association.  She later found out that they had discontinued this project and sought us out!  Aren’t we lucky she did?

110 Red Baby Hats

We will donate these red sweetheart hats in honor of today, Valentine’s Day to a local NICU to spread love and hope!

Barbara’s note reads:

These are the hats as per our email conversation.

Hope they work

Any feedback would be welcome.

Hope to make some adult hats now.

We walk in faith and believe in God’s plan.  We are grateful you found us and hope that you will continue to want to contribute to Knitting Rays of Hope!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Thank you!

Spreading Kindness because of Friends like YOU!!

Our friend Michelle, from Bakersfield, California sent us another package of hats– all different colors, styles, and sizes.

hats by Michelle in Bakersfield

Michelle also wrote us a note that reads:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your amazing organization.  Thank God for people like you– spreading kindness simply because you can.  Blessings to you and everyone who receives these hats.

Thank you, Michelle, for your consistent contributions and willingness to help make items to spread hope and love.  We are so grateful for our community and it’s because of people like you that we are able to spread hope, love, and warmth!

Thank you!

A Win-Win for Wendy and Us

A new friend, Wendy in Utah sends us these adorable hats and booties for babies.

Baby Hats & Booties

Wendy’s note reads:

Please find enclosed a number of hats and a pair of baby booties.  The hats are of various sizes.  I am glad to have found your site where I can send donations.  I have some new yarn, and left over yarn and wanted it to be put to good use, and to make good use of the spare time I have.  My home is pet-free and smoke-free.  I have taught myself to knit and find it therapeutic with stress relief as well, so it’s a win-win thing going on here.  I love seeing all the various projects you post on Facebook and I thought, “Finall, now I know where to send my work!”

We are so glad you found us and sent us your creations! Thank you for helping us spread hope and love into the world.

Thank you!