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Blessings from Cindy

Our friend, Cindy in Lancaster, California sent us a big box full of these blessings.

Hats by Cindy

She has so many color combinations and adorable embellishments like flowers and beautiful butterflies.  We are so grateful for your continued support and commitment in spreading love and hope!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!


Little Things Make Us Smile

Our good friend Robin in Arizona sent us a box full of this:

chemo hats by Robin

Her note reads:

It is always such a pleasure!  I found new yarn that I love!
Best Wishes!

We feel you on finding great yarn!  It’s a Great feeling!

Thank you for your support and steadfast friendship!

Hats sent from Virginia

Laura from Virginia sent us these lovely hats.


Her note reads:

I have labeled the hats with wool yarn.  Thank you for what you do and I will keep knitting!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to spreading hope and love into the world. If more people like you would think of others, we could conquer all the hate!

Thank you!

Latisha in California

A new friend, Latisha from Marina del Rey, California sent us these.

Her note reads:

Enclosed are handmade children/baby items.  I hope they will make some children smile.

The box includes 13 hats, 3″ 18 squares and 10 scarves.

Thank you for the opportunity to help.

We are so happy that you care to help us spread hope and love.  I am sure that you will bring smiles to children’s faces with your adorable items.

Thank you for your efforts!

A Bunch of Hats for Lil’ Ones

Jessica from Brisbane, California sent us a box full of hats for babies in the NICU.

Hats for Babies

We love all the variety of colors and styles!  We absolutely can picture families choosing what they like best for their little one!

Thank you!

Some Cute Hats from Washington

Our good friend, Meredith from Washington sent us a box recently for chemo warriors and babies in the NICU.

chemo hats

We will be labeling and prepping all of these lovely hats ready to be delivered fairly soon!

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Some Hats & 2 Scarves

Linda from Webster, Massachusetts sent us a package full of goodies.

chemo hats

These will be so appreciated to those who receive them!

Thank you for helping us spread love, warmth and hope!

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