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4 NICU Hats

Our friend in New Jersey, Brenna recently sent us these 4 hats for babies in the NICU.

4 nicu hats


Her note reads:

Enclosed are some hats that I made to help you further your mission.  I hope you are able to use them.  Thank you for the work that you do.

Thank you, Brenna!


Little Things Make Us Smile

Our good friend Robin in Arizona sent us a box full of this:

chemo hats by Robin

Her note reads:

It is always such a pleasure!  I found new yarn that I love!
Best Wishes!

We feel you on finding great yarn!  It’s a Great feeling!

Thank you for your support and steadfast friendship!

Our Busy Friend

Gail, from Washington recently sent an additional box that we truly appreciate!chemo hats

Keep up the good work- winter is around the corner and these little heads will need warmth and cover!

Thank you!

It Takes A Village

Our friend Cheryl from Woodland Hills, California sent this box of adorable hats.


Her note reads:

Thank you for providing a thread of life to tie on to in the quest for touching hearts and hands in the struggle to battle all diseases.  It takes a village and your blog provides for reaching so many.  I am thankful to share stitches of love to warm, cover and bless precious life.

Her note is perfect and words are so inspirational!

Thank you!

Latisha in California

A new friend, Latisha from Marina del Rey, California sent us these.

Her note reads:

Enclosed are handmade children/baby items.  I hope they will make some children smile.

The box includes 13 hats, 3″ 18 squares and 10 scarves.

Thank you for the opportunity to help.

We are so happy that you care to help us spread hope and love.  I am sure that you will bring smiles to children’s faces with your adorable items.

Thank you for your efforts!

Love From Pennsylvania

Our friend, Dee from Pennsylvania sent us a box full of these hats.chemo hats

Her note reads:

It’s your friend Dee from Pennsylvania, back again.

Here is another shipment of hats, As always made in smoke free, pet free home.  Everything is labeled as to fiber content.

It is such an honor for me to assist you in continuing your good works.

More coming in a couple of months.

Thank you, Dee- we love your support and friendship!  Keep ’em coming!

Patriotic Support

Michelle from Bakersfield sent us a box of hats.



Her note reads:

My dear friend, Ali made all of these wonderful patriotic hats and wanted to donate them.
Thank you!

These are great and will surely be a popular hit!

Thank you!

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