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Due to Covid-19, we are unable to accept any contribution at this time.

The hospitals won’t accept our deliveries at this point.

Please continue to be safe.

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Facebook- www.facebook.com/KnittingRaysOfHope

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  1. Barbara Ratter said:

    I would like a knit and crochet pattern and I will make a lot of these little hats.

    Thank you



    • Thank you Barbara for your interest. I will look for both a knit & crochet pattern for hats. We had talked about including those types of links before, but since we don’t have any expertise in those areas, we were reluctant. I will do a search and see what I can come up with. I’ll let you know soon.
      Thank you!


      • diana greenwood said:

        I would love to help, i live in australia. Could someone contact me at dianag1968@gmail.com
        so i know what you want and where to send
        would love some of your hat patterns they are so cute


      • Thank you for connecting! We would absolutely love to have you as part of Team Knitting Rays of Hope! We request any hand made hat- any size (from preemie babies to adult) as we donate to babies in the NICU, children & adult chemo warriors, both boys & girls, men & women. You can send it to me in California. I can email you my address.

        We just began documenting our patterns. You can find them at https://knittingraysofhope.wordpress.com/tutorials/free-patterns/

        We are so excited that you are interested! YAY!
        We will send you an email shortly. 🙂


  2. marissafh said:

    Great cause! Thanks for the follow on mine; really appreciated as I’m just starting out with this adventure. I’ll make a couple of hats to send down your way as well.


  3. How to Crochet the Beanie:

    Ch 5. Join with a sl st to form ring.

    Round 1: ch 1, work 10 sc in ring. sl st to join the work to the ch-1 worked at the beg of the round.

    Round 2: Work 2 sc in ea sc. Work 1 sc in sl st worked at end of round 1. You’ll end up with a total of 21 sc sts. Sl st to join end of round to beg.

    Round 3: Work 1 sc in ea st of round 2 below. Total: 21 sc. Sl st to join end of round to beg.

    Round 4: [Work 1 sc in ea of next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc.] Repeat sequence in brackets all the way around. Total = 28 sc. Sl st to join end of round to beg.

    Round 5: [1 sc in ea of the next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc.] Repeat sequence in brackets all the way around. Total = 32 sc. Sl st to join end of round to beg.

    Round 6: Work 1 sc in ea sc. Total = 32 sc. Sl st to join end of round to beg.

    Round 7: [sc in next sc, ch 1] Rep sequence in brackets 31 more times for a total of 32. After the last ch st has been worked, sl st to join to 1st sc in round. Total = 32 sc and 32 ch sts.

    Note: Up until this point, your hat has probably looked reasonably hat-like. Be warned that, while you are crocheting the next several rounds, the project may start to resemble some sort of strangely warped flying saucer. If it does, please do not be alarmed. This will indeed turn out to be a hat, although it might not start looking hat-like again until you’ve crocheted a bunch more rounds.

    Rounds 8 and Up: [sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 1, skip next sc.] Rep sequence in brackets all the way around, for a total of 32 times. Sl st to join the end of the round to the beg.

    Repeat round 8 until the beanie is the length you want it. I crocheted 24 rounds in all, but you should feel free to adjust this number to get the fit that works best for you (or the intended wearer). Keep in mind that you can put a safety pin in your active loop and try the hat on to see how it fits.

    Finishing the Beanie:

    End off, leaving about 6 inches of yarn for weaving in securely. Weave in any loose ends. Block if desired.



    • Thank you for the pattern & video tutorial. We only crochet embellishments, so I am grateful for your information. Thank you 🙂


  4. you are welcome!


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  6. Melissa Moreno said:

    I love to make some hats and donate! I live in Florida so of someone can contact me i would appreciate it


    • Sure I will send you an email shortly. If you want to read our “Get Involved” page that will give you some information immediately.

      We are so very happy to hear that you want to make a difference and help us spread hope! 🙂

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  7. GailKimes said:

    Hi I just came upon this site and am thrilled to find a place I could donate my hats. I am a breast cancer survivor and wanted to pay it forward. I started loom knitting a few months back and have accumulated quite a few. My thought was for the young children going through chemo. I also have some for small children . I would be honored if I could send them to your organisation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such wonderful news and a remarkable story! We love hearing from survivors and especially ones who want to contribute to Knitting Rays of Hope! Please send them to the address listed above and we will include them in our deliveries! We accept all sizes, from itty bitty to children to teenagers to adults (both men and women). Thank you so much for you interest and we look forward to seeing your creations!


  8. Susan said:

    Do you accept preemie blankets?


  9. G. Green said:

    Someone recently gave me a bag of yarn. Much of it is a mohair blend. Do you accept hats made from this blend?


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  11. I would love to crochet some hats. Can you please me at HSWS905@att.net.
    Thank you in advance,
    Heather Swanigan


  12. Amanda said:

    I just came across your page and would love to make some hats in all sizes, I just started loom knitting back in December. I just have one question is there any certain colors that you would prefer?


    • Hello! Welcome to Knitting Rays of Hope! There is no color preference but thanks for checking- just make what best suits you! We look forward to seeing your creations.


  13. Vikki L Spohn said:

    I have some newborn booties. Would you need them?


  14. Marieke Van Asselt said:

    Dear Hope Rays, for washable yarn do you require yarn that is hand washed or machine washed?


    • Hello- mostly we don’t recommend washing the yarn- we have been told:

      Hats do not need to be laundered if they are kept clean. If you feel an item has to be washed before donating it, please use a hypoallergenic detergent and rinse very well.

      However, if you want to wash the yarn, you can wash it with a gentle soap.

      Thanks for checking!


  15. Katrina Etherington said:

    I have knitted about 20 premmie hats so far and am looking to donate them. Can you use them?


  16. Doris A. Burns said:

    I have crocheted about 500 hats for Charli’s Love and some blankets also. I will start on some hats for you all.

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    Hello, I live in Idaho and broke my leg this winter. So I broke out my crochet needles and begin making hats of all sizes with pom poms. I would like to donate these hats to a worthy cause.


    • Awesome- well not your broken leg 😉 – but so glad you found us! We would love to receive your crocheted hats! The mailing address is listed above on this page. Thanks so much!


  18. Denise Stamm said:

    Are you still in need of all sizes hats


  19. Nikki Dang said:

    I am preparing a medium box ready to be shipped to you guys. It should be delivered later this week or by Dec 16th 🙂 Thank you for doing all of this!

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  22. Beth n said:

    Lots and lots of patterned on Pinterest also! I use one that gives instructions on premie to adult sizes.


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