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Delivery: 182 Hats and Things for Babies

Melissa, our sweet friend, recently took in 165 hats, 15 booties, 1 dress, and 1 sweater to babies at St. Joe’s in Orange County.

Delivery of Baby Hats

Delivery of Baby Hats

We want to thank you for contributing and making this possible!  We love our community and how kind your hearts truly are!

Thank you!


Hats from Massachusetts

Last month, we received a package from Cecelia in Massachusetts.


She included a note that reads:

While receovering from back surgery, I decided to learn to crochet.

I made these hats and hope that they help.

We are very impressed that you were able to pick up crocheting so quickly and these hats are adorable.

Thank you for your generosity and hope you recover quickly!

More Hats More Hope

A while ago, Gail sent us these adorable hats.


We will get them ready to be delivered in our next delivery!

We are very grateful to all of our generous knitters!  You are making a difference in this world!

Keep up the great work!

That’s 100 for Caleb

A little bit ago, young Caleb from Ohio sent us a box of hats for babies in the NICU.

hats by Caleb

This makes it 100 hats knitted and donated by Caleb, himself.  We are so proud of you Caleb–at such a young age, and seeing the need to make a difference in the world!

Thank you!

Carrie from Upland

A while ago, our friend Carrie from Upland in California sent us a package full of these adorable knitted items.

hats and dresses

We are so appreciative and will prepare these to be included in our next delivery!

Thank you!

NICU Hats from New York

We recently received a package from Jen in New York that contained these adorable hats for babies.



We are so grateful and will include these in our next delivery that we are currently preparing for.

Thank you!



Busy Young Women in Utah

We recently received a box full of warm and adorable chemo hats from Utah.

chemo hats from Utah

These hats were made by a group of young women in St. George, Utah.

We appreciate them very much and are positive that they will keep chemo warriors warm in style!

Thank you!

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