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That’s 100 for Caleb

A little bit ago, young Caleb from Ohio sent us a box of hats for babies in the NICU.

hats by Caleb

This makes it 100 hats knitted and donated by Caleb, himself.  We are so proud of you Caleb–at such a young age, and seeing the need to make a difference in the world!

Thank you!


Carrie from Upland

A while ago, our friend Carrie from Upland in California sent us a package full of these adorable knitted items.

hats and dresses

We are so appreciative and will prepare these to be included in our next delivery!

Thank you!

NICU Hats from New York

We recently received a package from Jen in New York that contained these adorable hats for babies.



We are so grateful and will include these in our next delivery that we are currently preparing for.

Thank you!



It’s Our Friend, Dee

Our friend Dee in Pennsylvania sent us a box full of these adorable hats a while back.

Adorable Chemo Hats


Her note reads:

It’s your friend Dee from Pennsylvania.
Selling the house in the city and moving to the more rural retirement community went a lot smoother than we expected and I found my looms quickly.  Here is another shipment of hats.  As always made in smoke-free, pet free home.  Everything is labeled as to fiber content and laundry instructions.

I look forward to your posts and seeing how many people are sharing their wonderful talents.

Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you, Dee!  We are so glad your move was not as difficult as expected and that you are settled in your new community!  We greatly appreciate your hats and will send them in our next delivery.  We are absolutely positive they will bring smiles to everyone’s faces as they did ours!

Thank you


Hats from Colorado

Last month, we received a box full of baby hats from MacSleyne in Denver, Colorado.

NICU hats

We are so grateful for the variety of colors and sizes and just know that these will spread love and hope!

Thank you!

Holiday Spirited Hats

Last month, we received this box full of hats from Joaine in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Hats by Joaine

Her card reads:

Thank you for all the you both do!  Keep up the amazing work!

Wishing you andyour families a very Merry Christmas and a new Year full of prosperity and success!

We are so grateful to have received these hats and are sure that they will bring smiles and hope to the recipients!

Thank you!


A New Friend from Newburypost

We recently received a box full of hats for babies in the NICU from Newburypost, Massachusetts.

NICU hats

We are so excited to continue to meet new friends who want to help make the world a better place!  We make monthly deliveries in most months during the year and these will be for January in the new year!

Thank you!

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