Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Jessica from Brisbane, California sent us a box full of hats for babies in the NICU.

Hats for Babies

We love all the variety of colors and styles!  We absolutely can picture families choosing what they like best for their little one!

Thank you!


Our good friend, Meredith from Washington sent us a box recently for chemo warriors and babies in the NICU.

chemo hats

We will be labeling and prepping all of these lovely hats ready to be delivered fairly soon!

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Linda from Webster, Massachusetts sent us a package full of goodies.

chemo hats

These will be so appreciated to those who receive them!

Thank you for helping us spread love, warmth and hope!

Cricket from New Jersey sent these hats to us with a note…hats

Her note read:

Hats for whoever needs them…

God Bless!

Thank you so much for your continued support!  We greatly appreciate your friendship and generosity!

Thank you!

Our friend, Donna from Washington reminds us with a lovely note and beautiful hats to celebrate success.  She sent us these lovely hats for pediatric cancer warriors, some of the bravest lil’ guys you will ever meet!

chemo hats

Her note reads:

Hello, my friend!  Enclosing 25 hats and they are being sent with gratitude for your mission… and your vision created years ago which has turned into such a success!
Thank you!

Vanessa and I were recently reminiscing when we started Knitting Rays of Hope in 2012, when we were trying to quickly loom knit hats while constantly motivating (and slightly pressuring) our small group of kind-hearted work friends to keep creating hats for our newly minted cause.  How we longed for the days where hats would just be sent to us so we can have a stock on hand to distribute to the local hospitals — all to spread hope!  We saw that if we kept going, just keep our fingers and yarn working that one day this would come- we would be established and have a steady supply.  Because we firmly believed that people want to help and be a part of good!  And we were Right!!  Thank God!

And now we celebrate you for consistently believing in doing good in the world and making our vision of spreading hope a success!

Thank you! We are ever so grateful for our consistent friends who support us and provide a steady supply of hats that will be distributed to spread warmth, love, and hope!   Our group of knitters expanded and reside in different states, but all have the common goal of spreading hope.

We owe any success to you– all of you, the consistent knitters, the first time contributors and those who support us with prayer and good thoughts & vibes!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


Hello there!  I know– I know, it has been a while since we posted.  And I am sorry.  But the Great News is:  You have still been steadily sending in contributions to keep Knitting Rays of Hope going…   Thank you for your steadfast commitment to spreading hope!

We have about 6 boxes that we have received that we have not blogged about yet.  And we have about 10 boxes of hats to label and send to our local NICU’s and Oncology Centers.

Recently, Lynda from Massachusetts sent us 33 skeins of yarn.yarn skeins

Thank you so much!  We greatly appreciate your generosity!

Enjoy your day!


A new friend from Iowa, Ania sent us these hand-sewn baby hats to help us spread hope!


We appreciate receiving these hats These absolutely will spread love and hope!
We will include these in the next delivery that we are currently preparing.

Thank you!

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