Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time

We were introduced to Anna by Eileen, her daughter when she sent us these lovely sunhats and a note.


The note reads:

These hats were made by my mother, Anna.  She is 91 years old and loves to knit.  They were all made with Caron Simply Soft yarn and have been kept away from our pets.

It would make her day to know that they hats will go to someone who will be able to use them.


Thank you, Anna and Eileen.  We will include these in our next delivery to an adult chemo center in Orange County.  We are ever so grateful that your found us and choose to contribute these very cute hats!

Thank you again!

We recently received this package from the Cosmic Voyager Class of the Atlanta Montessori Internation School.


We are so impressed that these hats were created by children who wanted to make a difference, change the world and bring more love and kindness to people.  They included a beautiful card that reads:

Our class here at Montessori Internation School made beanies for your organization.  Our class is a multi-age group ranging from 6-9 years old.
Thank you for the opportunity to give back.
The children enjoyed making the beanies and talked about the babies that might receive their beanies!

We are so impressed with how young these children are and already giving back!  Wow!  Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much!

When I got back in town, I was overwhelmed by the shipments we received! A new friend, Deloris “Dee” from Pennsylvania sent us these adorable goodies.


And she also made baby hats with matching mittens!  Too Cute!


And this adorable set has 1 hat, mittens and matching socks!


We are extremely grateful that you found us.  Dee included a note that reads:

This is my first time sending anything to your group.

I am a recent transplant recipient and during my recovery took up loom knitting since the doctors don’t want me working on flowers or vegetables in the soil, because of the microbes for the first year.  I have found this craft addicting.  I was given the “gift of life” and wanted to do something to make others happy.

You will find items of all sizes.  Most are 100% acrylic, but some are blends.  I have tagged each item accordingly with washing instructions.  I live in a pet free and smoke free home.

My seeking and receiving a transplant has humbled me to no end and I hope to bring a little joy to others.

There will be more things coming in a few months.  I will try to send 2 or 3 shipments per year.

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

Dee, we are very impressed with your skills and so glad that you picked up loom knitting!  We are very glad you are doing well and are recovering well with your transplant.

Keeping you in our prayers!

We wish you and yours a safe and happy Independence Day!


Image from tomatoesforcucumbers.com

Our friend, Sheila in New York recently sent us these goodies, 2 hats for children fighting cancer and 14 hats for babies!


Her note reads:

Enclosed are hats I knitted which I hope will bless the little ones.  Followed your suggested guidelines.

I read an article in which parents expressed they liked bright colored hats.  Well the enclosed hats are definitely bright!!

Happy to be a part of your wonderful outreach.  I believe this is my 4th donation.  Keep up the wonderful work.


Thank you, Sheila for these cheerful, bright hats!  I am sure that they will being a lot of smiles for families of little ones!  This is your 4th donation and we are so appreciative of your steadfast commitment to Knitting Rays of Hope!  You help make a difference in the world!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

A new friend to us, Donna from Huntsville, Alabama sent these knitted goodies for our babies in the NICU.


Donna’s card reads:

I was excited to find a place to send my baby hats.  I enjoy knitting for relaxation but want my hats to go for a worthy cause.  I appreciate what you do and would love to contribute.

We are so grateful you found us, Donna!  We will include these adorable hats in our next NICU delivery, which will occur soon.  On a side note, my family and I will be making our first visit to Alabama soon and Huntsville is on our itinerary. What a small world!

Thank you so much!


Gifts from Judy

We recently received this box from Judy in North Hollywood.

baby hats by Judy

We are very appreciative of the steadfast friends who allow us to make our deliveries! Keep the hats coming, we will be delivering monthly to our local Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Oncology Centers!

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

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