Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time


We received a box full of these adorable hats for toddlers and babies.

hats by Bette

Bette included a note that reads:

Enclosed are about 20 hats for babies and toddlers.  I love making these and hope to keep some little heads warm!

We are so grateful for your steadfast support and will include these in our delivery we are currently preparing for. I know that these adorable hats will spread hope, love and warmth!

Thank you!


My 9 year old daughter recently decided that she wanted to make hats to give to others in need. So I taught her how to use the loom and above are her recent creations. She has quite the eye for colors.  She mixed yarn colors I would never had thought to do. She was definitely born with more artistic skills than I have.  She is just beginning to hone her skills and I hope to see some more creations form her in the future.

So proud to have a daughter that has the desire to give back and happy that I can help to instill the importance of giving back.




Love is my religion


Our friend, Louisa from New Jersey, sent us this box full of warm and beautiful hats.


We will definitely include these in our January delivery!  We appreciate your support and generosity; these hats will help us spread love, warmth and hope!

Thank you for making a difference!

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