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On March 2, 2016, my 11-year-old brother was hit by a truck while crossing the street.

The trauma knocked him unconscious, and the damage to his brain quickly stopped his breathing. Paramedics gave him CPR and doctors helped him breathe, but it was clear that he wasn’t coming back.

Because of his condition, we asked about the possibility of donating part of him to help others. Its what he would have wanted, being the person that he was, and if you are the lucky child who gets his heart, you should know what you can expect.


Eric’s heart was the biggest part of him. He loved more than normal people. He seemed to have an extra portion of vitality and capacity to love than most of us have.

Maybe he knew, somehow, that he wouldn’t have as much time as the rest of us, and he was determined to…

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These 55 lovely little hats were knitted by Dr. Virginia and sent to us from Illinois.

knitted hats

There are very beautiful and we are so happy that they continue to help us spread rays of hope. We will be including these hats in our next delivery and are very excited to see the happiness these hats will bring. Thank you for your support, Dr. Virginia!   We can’t wait to share your next creations.

Our Blogiversary

Knitting Rays of Hope started in 2012 and we have come a long way in these 4 years.


To date, we have given out 3,388 hats to our local oncology centers and NICU’s.  We are extremely proud and so grateful for you, our friends, our community.  Without you, we definitely would not still be here.  We want to take a moment to thank all of the great people who donate hats to us so that we can spread love and hope!

Thank you!

Hat from Florida

A new friend sent us 5 hats from Orlando, Florida.


We received this box in March, but have been extremely busy and got behind on Knitting Rays of Hope’s business.   Keep the hats coming, we will be sending out monthly shipments to our local Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Oncology Centers!

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

Betsy from Pennsylvania sent us these 12 tiny hats in March!

Thank you for your steady work and contributions!  We are so grateful for friends like you — continuing to help us spread love and hope!

In January, we received this box full of adorable hats and scarves from a new friend in Fullerton, California.


We are so appreciative of the generous donations!  Keep ’em coming in!  We are close to getting current on blogging about the packages we have received…

Happy Easter


May you have

The gladness of Easter

                                         which is Hope

The Promise of Easter

                                            which is Peace

The spirit of Easter

                                            which is Love

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