Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time

Chris sent us a huge box a little while ago full of these goodies.



The hats and blankets are all made with extra love and care!  We are so impressed and look forward to being able to provide these to our babies’ families to spread love and hope.  We are so very grateful that you found us, Chris and look forward to your future shipments!

Thank you!  Thank you!

Our friend from Arizona, Robin sent more hats, that are adorable!


We are so grateful for friends like Robin, who are steadfast and always thinking of Knitting Rays of Hope!  We greatly appreciate your contributions and know that they will bring smiles and spread hope!

Thank you!  Thank you!

Recently came across an inspiring and interesting article on the TED blog with links to Ted Talks. Though it was originally written in 2012, it was republished in 2015 for World Cancer Day.

I am impressed and inspired that our future is bright….  It’s truly worth your time


Some teenagers spend their free time playing video games. Others dedicate their after-school hours to a job, scooping ice cream or taking movie tickets. Still others play a sport, or are star members of a debate team. And still others spend their free time in a lab, working on ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.



We recently received this box full of hats that are made by a husband and wife team.


They included a beautiful card that reads:

I hope that you will be to use these hats.  My husband and I make them and we enjoy donating them.

These are wonderful and will be included in our deliveries to spread hope and love.

Thank you!

We received this box full of goodies from our new friend, Shirley from Massachusetts.


Shirley1 Shirley sent a note that reads:

I have been watching your Knitting Rays of Hope on Pinterest for mnay months now and thought I could assist you in your wonderful endeavor. My sister is a cancer patient in Massachusetts and I know how much aid and comfort needs to be given to the patients as well as their families and friends.  My sister has a stoma and likes the cowl neck scarves.  Do you accept those as well as hats?

I have only been knitting for about 7 months now, so my hats are not the best by any means but they’re made with love.  I hope they’ll make someone happy to have it.  I am enclosing 18 chemo hatsa nd 7 children’s hats.

Thank you for working hard to impact the lives of others.

How wonderful these are Shirley, we are impressed as your skills are very good for a beginner.  We accept cowls, scarves, hats, blankets, purses, stuffed lovies and basically anything you can make by hand and think would be appreciated by our chemo warriors or babies in the NICU.

We pray for you and your sister and send love and positive thoughts.  Thank you for your contributions and we hope to continue our friendship!

We were introduced to Anna by Eileen, her daughter when she sent us these lovely sunhats and a note.


The note reads:

These hats were made by my mother, Anna.  She is 91 years old and loves to knit.  They were all made with Caron Simply Soft yarn and have been kept away from our pets.

It would make her day to know that they hats will go to someone who will be able to use them.


Thank you, Anna and Eileen.  We will include these in our next delivery to an adult chemo center in Orange County.  We are ever so grateful that your found us and choose to contribute these very cute hats!

Thank you again!

We recently received this package from the Cosmic Voyager Class of the Atlanta Montessori Internation School.


We are so impressed that these hats were created by children who wanted to make a difference, change the world and bring more love and kindness to people.  They included a beautiful card that reads:

Our class here at Montessori Internation School made beanies for your organization.  Our class is a multi-age group ranging from 6-9 years old.
Thank you for the opportunity to give back.
The children enjoyed making the beanies and talked about the babies that might receive their beanies!

We are so impressed with how young these children are and already giving back!  Wow!  Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much!

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