Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving- Covid style!

Please stay safe!

Happy Diwali

The festival of lights, an Indian holiday that we celebrated over the weekend.

The message and wishes of Diwali are victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance!

Inspire Kindness

We found a blog on kindness at Inspire Kindess and thought we would share this list.

Here are 20 ideas for kind acts to give your children: 

1. Call your grandparents.

2. Plan a bear hunt in your neighborhood by asking people to put stuffed bears to their windows. Download printable poster and social media post

3. Add encouraging messages to your sidewalks using chalk.

4. Make kindness rocks.

5. FaceTime a friend from school that you don’t talk to often to say hello.

6. Write a note to a parent to let them know they are doing a good job being your parent.

7. Make your parents breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

8. Don’t fight with your siblings. 

9. Color pictures for people you love and then put them in the mail. 

10. Leave a note and a small gift for delivery drivers.

11. Write a letter or make a card for a relative.

12. Do your chores without being asked and without complaining.

13. Stay at least 6 feet away from other people, even your grandparents.

14. Pick weeds from your flower beds and gardens. 

15. Tell each of your family members one thing you love about them.

16. Lead a prayer before dinner asking for this virus to go away.

17. Call your cousins.

18. Give a parent a big hug out of the blue.

19. Host a virtual game night with friends.

20. Place large signs with kind messages in your windows so people can be inspired as they drive or walk by.

155 years ago today, the last slaves in the U.S. were granted freedom. As we celebrate #Juneteenth, it is a reminder of both how far we’ve come and how far we have to go in the fight against racism.


This year, Juneteenth takes on a special meaning as the fight for equality and racial justice gains momentum and a feeling of urgency.  We live in a country where the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd were snuff out by lethal violence.  And as we are hearing from students, too often classrooms fail to connect these events to our country’s complex, violent and racist history.  Perhaps this is why Juneteenth still isn’t a federal holiday, and its history is often overlooked.  But Black history is American history.  And as we celebrate Juneteenth together, let’s use this moment to renew our commitment to creating opportunities for all of California’s students to thrive.

– Tony Thurmond


My kind friend, Teresa sent me 3 face masks that she handmade for my personal use.  These are so cute, and I am so touched, but the story behind it is even more uplifting.

Teresa has already made 30 so far but is now working on supplying all of her husbands’ work crew. Her mother taught her how to sew, and she is now using those precious lessons, sewing machine, and materials that all belonged to her mother, to spread hope during these unprecedented times.

The front of the face masks

The insides The butterflies and frogs hold the filter materials.


Teresa wrote a note that reads:

These face masks were made with love from materials and supplies left to me by my mother. Even the sewing machine was hers from the 1960s!  All mechancial and still going strong!

The smaller mask with elastic ear loops has a pouch to insert a filter material, if you can find any.  Without the filter, it is 60-80% effective in catching bugs, made from 100% cotton fabric.  If it seems too big, loop a ribbon or string thought the ear loosp and tie around your head for a better fit.

The rectangular style mask has filter material inside (inter-facing).  I don’t know how effective it is but have heard that this might be as much as 90% effective in catching bugs, also made form 100% cotton fabrics.  This mask seemed hotter to wear to me but if placed just right, didn’t fog my glasses!

Nothing guarranteed, but I figure it’s better than nothing and at the very least keeps us from touching our faces.

Thinking of you and hoping you stay safe.

In California, it is now ordered that we wear face masks anytime we make a trip outside, and we can only make trips outside for essential business, such as groceries, pharmacy or medical appointments.

These face masks are cute, whimsical and so thoughtful that I am smiling — believe me, I am smiling, even though you can see it from behind my face mask.

Be safe and kind,


How to Help

It’s easy to be scared during these unprecedented times. We hope that you are safe and well, practicing social distancing and staying safe at home.

If you are able and want to help, some of the hospitals are requesting items, due to the lack of PPE (Personal protective equipment).

Our sweet friend, Melissa, a nurse, forwarded me an email that her hospital (St. Joseph) and CHOC are requesting  the following items:

In addition to new, unused 3M, N95 and surgical masks, we can accept the following supplies for making face shields:
  • Bolts of 16, 18 or 20-gauge clear vinyl
  • 3/8-inch and/or 1/2-inch braided elastic in white or black
  • 1-inch Airtex High Density Foam (green)
  • Gorilla Glue or 3M Scotch Heavy Duty Double-Sided Mounting Tape

You can mail them directly to

 St. Joseph Hospital
1100 W. Stewart Drive
 Orange, CA  92868


1201 W. La Veta Avenue
Orange, CA 92868

For questions, pls email COVID19Donations@providence.org

You may also contact your local hospital and ask if they need these donations.

We have also found Masks for Heroes (website) and a Facebook Group. There are instructions on how to make facemasks and how to donate to hospitals directly.

There are also many online patterns and Youtube tutorials if you want to crochet a facemask for personal wear for minimum trips to the grocery store.  Just google Crochet Facemask with face shield.

We underline that you should only donate if you can and have these items available to you without making unnecessary trips to the store.

We are so appreciative of all of you in our community of prayer and hope.

We send our best wishes and positive thoughts.

Thank you!

We can not accept any donations because our local hospitals are no longer accepting deliveries.  This world pandemic has touched all of our lives, and we sincerely hope that everyone is safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

hope word text with black and white love heart suitable for card, brochure or typography logo design

We will post again once we are able to accept your generous creations.  Please don’t send anything until it is safe to do so.

Be Safe! Stay healthy, helpful, calm and hopeful!

We send you prayers, good vibes, and positive thoughts!

A new friend, Keila, from Shreveport in Louisiana, found us and sent us chemo caps in various sizes and styles, ear warmers and PICC Line Covers.

Hats, PICC LIne Covers

Her note reads:

I recently found your organization online and was so excited to contribute to such an awesome cause.  I am sending beanies in various sizes, ear warmers and PICC Line covers.

Thank you for creating this organization and allowing me to make someone’s day a little brighter.

We are so grateful you found us and will include these in our next delivery.  We cannot spread hope and love without your generosity.

Thank you!

The American Heart Association from Atlanta, Georgia sent us 4 boxes full of red baby hats, which is the largest shipment we have ever received! The hats are all red, but different sizes and styles to raise awareness for February, which is American Heart month!

Baby Hats

We were quite surprised and amazed by how many hats were shipped to us! We will start counting, labeling and getting these ready for the deliveries.

Thank you for finding us and thinking of sending these to spread hope and love!

A little bit ago, our dear friend, Melissa was able to deliver 175 items to the babies in the NICU at St. Joe’s in Orange County.   The delivery included 110 red hats, 64 hats of various styles and colors, and 1 pair of baby booties.

February Delivery for NICU

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this delivery, by making the hats, labeling and photographing the hats to delivering the hats!  We are so grateful that you are committed to spreading hope and love!

Thank you!