Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time

We received these bright hats from a new friend, Meredith from Washington.  She included her business card that says “the Little Old Goat Lady on Nason Ridge.”


13 hats for babies in the NICU


14 hats for children and teenage chemo warriors


13 hats for children and teenage chemo warriors

Meredith included a card that reads:

I’m sending you this box of assorted hats.  All made with a prayer! ❤

I’ve been making hats and ran out of people to make them for.  One day I was searching the web and found your site’s a perfect fit.  I made some then, I made a few more to fill the box!

We are so grateful that you found us and hope that you will continue to bless us with your hats.  We love that there are so many colors and styles that our chemo warriors will have a difficult choice!

Please be assured that these will be included in our next delivery.  We will always have a need for hats as our goal is to deliver a bunch every month, so please send us what you can!

Thank you!


A New Friend

We received these beautiful hats from a new friend, Lynn from Colorado.



We were so very excited to see that we have a new contributor especially when we saw her adorable work. These hats will definitely keep the little ones who receive them warm. It really is so heartwarming when we receive gifts from new contributors. We are truly grateful when friends trust us to deliver these hats to those who need them most. Thank you Lynn for helping us spread rays of hope.

We look forward to your future contributions.



A new friend, Gail in Bremerton, Washington sent us these adorable hats.

hats by Gail


Gail included a note that reads:

I recently found your site online.  I have been looking for a way to use yarn leftover from projects and started looming hats.  Please accept these 10 hats of various sizes for your project.  I hope they will be useful!

We are so glad you found us online and choose to donate to Knitting Rays of Hope.  Your adorable hats will absolutely be  used to spread love, warmth & hope in this month’s delivery.

Thank you!

We love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  So I crocheted a hat thinking a young chemo warrior could appreciate a TMNT hat.


I think that these fun turtles have really stood the test of time and I think it is a great hat for the boys. Now I am not saying that these are not for girls as well but it is always a struggle to find hats that we think boys will appreciate. I think that one of the problems I have always encountered with looming the hats is that the hat is a bit bunchy at the top and for some reason that does not seem to appeal to boys. Crocheting this hat really made it nice and sleek and removes the bunchy hat problem. The double crochet stitch was surprisingly quick to crochet as well.  I look forward to making more of these hats soon.

Cathy has been donating hats with us from the beginning of Knitting Rays and we are happy to showcase 3 of her newest creations:Cathy's 3 hats

These beautiful vibrant colors will surely brighten ones day. We are happy to have such long lasting friends that continue to help make Knitting Rays successful. It really is all of our friends that have allowed Knitting Rays to spread as much sunshine as we have. In a time full of uncertainties and waging tempers, it is nice to be able to look at this blog and see all the good in the world and the wonderful people in it.

We look forward to continuing to spread Rays of Sunshine to our NICU babies and cancer warriors. Thank you Cathy for helping us to do so.


These 61 NICU hats were donated to the St. Joseph Hospital of Orange recently.  Our sweet friend, Melissa took them in to be distributed to the babies in the NICU.

January Delivery

We want to thank all of our team to make this delivery possible. We could not have accomplished so much without you guys and are so thankful to know so many wonderful people.

If you want to get involved and make a difference, please contact us.

Thank you!


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