Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time

Judy sent us these cute, tiny hats!


Thank you for your steady work and contributions!  We are so grateful for friends like you — continuing to help us spread love and hope!

Ground Hog Day

Hope you have a great day — filled with laughter and funny traditions!

Our new friend, Rae sent us these adorable, soft baby hats out of Pipsqueak (boucle) yarn.


We are so happy that Rae has sent us hats, which we will include in our next delivery.  We are preparing to make another delivery very shortly so everyone will be warm and loved!

Created by Caleb

We received these wonderful donations all the way from Ohio from Caleb.


Thank you Caleb, for your colorful creations!  We are happy to have them to add to our next delivery.  We love the color choices that you made!  These are sure to make our little NICU Warriors very happy!

Keep up the good work Caleb and continue making a difference in the world!

We are trying to catch up!  Thank you to everyone who has sent us their knitted lovies in December and January.  We have been so overwhelmed with new projects and obligations at work and in our families, that unfortunately we have not been able to share with you the wonderful contributions we are receiving.


Chelsea from Illinois sent these tiny hats with a card that reads:

These hats were made for a friend of a friend who had a preemie baby who unfortunately did not live very long.  I am hoping that you can use them.  They have never been used/worn and were created in a smoke/pet free environment.  Thank you for spreading joy and warmth to people who need it.  Your posts on Facebook are an inspiration to keep showing love to all people!

(Don’t Forget to  be Awesome!)

Our hearts break for the families that lose loved ones as we know intimately the pain that we carry as we go forth.

Thank you, Chelsea, for thinking of sending us these precious hats!  They will be included in our next delivery and will absolutely spread love and hope in the world!

In December, we received a box full of adorable hats made by our good friend, Donna in Washington.  She sent us 32 hats that will positively delight the recipients of these hats!


Blues & Greens – created by Donna


Purples, Pinks and Rainbows – created by Donna


Bold Browns – created by Donna

Donna included a card that reads:

Greetings from WA State!  Enclosed is my “Late Fall, Nearly Winter” contribution of 32 hats.  As always, thank you so much for all you efforts.  Your recent post indicating you are expanding your efforts to include a children & teenagers collection inspired me to renew my  efforts in that direction as well!

Best Wishes!

We are so grateful to have met Donna.  Her contributions have been steadfast, since May, 2014  and continue to keep Knitting Rays of Hope afloat!  Thank you Donna, for your continued support and making hats for all ages, girls and boys!

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