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Happy Halloween


Hope your Halloween glows with Fun!


All 118 of these NICU hats were donated to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California.  We were so excited that we had so many hats, that we were able to ship out 2 boxes for October!  This shipment included so many adorable hats in all different styles, including Halloween themed hats, Mickey & Minnie, cupcakes, Elmos, and footballs.  There were so many colors and styles, that parents will have a great time choosing for their itty bitty one.    Our friends are just so awesome and always giving!  I am so proud to say with this shipment, our counter for Total Hats Contributed is 1956!

We are very appreciative to all those who helped spread hope!


Last week, we sent out 83 hats for pediatric cancer warriors to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach.  We have been steadily receiving hats and are so grateful to have such wonderful people sending to our Knitting Rays of Hope cause!

I know that many children will smile when they get to choose from these wonderful hats!  Thank you for helping make this possible!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


My daughter took time out of her hectic teenage life to make 1 child pumpkin, 4 itty bitty pumkins and 2 Halloween themed hats for Knitting Rays of Hope.  She does a lot of the background work in preparing the shipments, by cutting labels, attaching the labels to the hats, and setting up the hats for photo ops for each shipment.  And with this batch, all the orange yarn we had is gone- whew!    I am grateful that Jazlyn realizes her time is needed to make a difference in the world, and she prioritizes to help spread hope!


My sister surprised me by sending over these 5 hats she made for babies in the NICU.   These cute hats will be included in our next shipment.   We are very lucky to be able to receive steady contributions from our team!  Keep up the great work!

Pumpkin Sock Monkey hat

Around this time of year, we are inundated with pumpkins- from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin chili.  I actually enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice lattes, but I do have my limits.  I cannot fathom trying pumpkin chili or pumpkin soup.  Anyways I thought we could use a pumpkin inspired sock monkey.  Of course, you can use this pattern for any type of sock monkey, just change the colors and use your imagination!


Sock Monkey
<Free Pattern>

I made this hat on a 31 peg loom for a young child

To create a this brim
Using 2 strands of  green yarn
Row 1: e-wrap the pegs  (for this type of brim-garter stitch- I don’t use the peg on the side. I typically begin with the 1st peg and have my slip know part of the brim)
Row 2: purl stitch
Row 3:  e-wrap stitch
Row 4: purl stitch
Row 5:  e-wrap stitch
Row 6: purl stitch

For the face
Using a white yarn and an orange yarn
e-wrap  until the hat is 4.5  inches long (from bottom of brim to top)
My row count is 15  (not including the brim)

For the top of the hat
Using 2 strands of orange yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows

Change to 2 strands of white yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows and close the hat  using the gathered method
(our friend, Denis at Loomahat.com a great tutorial on how to close that hat here)

For the Ears    (Crochet)
Using a white yarn and an orange yarnWe followed a YouTube Tutorial

For the Mouth    (Crochet)
Using a brown yarn
Crochet a chain of 12 for 2 rows
Switch to a white yarn
Crochet 1 sc in each chain, except at the ends
For the ends, DC in each chain to create an oval

Sew the mouth, ears, button eyes and pom-pom onto the hat

I have made a few different variations of the sock monkey as they were specially requested.


If you use this pattern, we would love to see your creations!  Post a picture in the comments :)

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

This is Brittany Maynard.
She is 29 years old.
And she has only 24 days left to live.
On November 1st, Brittany plans to die.

Brittany Maynard

She says:
“I will die upstairs in my bedroom. I will pass peacefully with some music that I like in the background.”

Brittany is suffering from stage 4 Brain Cancer.

She was married late last year. Shortly after that she started having headaches.

In January, doctors told her she had stage 2 Brain Cancer. They gave her 3-10 years to live.

But then in April, the news got even worse. Her cancer was now stage 4.(The worst it can get)

Doctors told her she now only had 6 months to live.

“I wish there was a cure for my disease, but there’s not.”

Silent killer: The 29-year-old woman was diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma - an aggressive malignant tumor in her brain

Silent killer: The 29-year-old woman was diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma – an aggressive malignant tumor in her brain

Brittany was…

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