Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time


We are sending 147 hats for babies in the NICU to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach.  We are receiving hats from all parts of the country and are grateful to have such a dedicated team to help us spread hope!  With this shipment, our counter is 1,650 hats donated by the Knitting Rays of Hope Team.  I feel that is Absolutely Awesome, and we appreciate each and every one of you!  I know we make a difference in the world by spreading hope to over 1, 650 hat recipients and their families.  We share  love and dedication that goes into making and sending the hats!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!






We received all of these wonderful hats from the Girl Scouts Troop 6346 in Mississippi.  We are so honored that these wonderful girls chose us to share their beautiful hats with.  They made and sent Knitting Rays of Hope 70 hats for babies in the NICU and 22 hats for pediatric chemo warriors. These hats will bring hope to 92 families- these young ladies are making a major impact and truly living the Girl Scout Law, “Make the World a Better Place”. 

I am very impressed to learn that three years ago, the girls scouts learned how to loom knit, and since then made and donated over 200 hats to their local NICU!  Their troop leader, Tricia is a cancer survivor and knows firsthand the need for soft, pretty hats for chemo patients.  Many of these girls spend their own money to purchase yarns for their hats.


They sent this beautiful letter along with their hats:


We wanted to make all of those people feel happy!  We are knitting them to be friendly, helpful, considerate and caring!  We would love to help!!

We will be sure that they are put to good use and know that these hats will make people feel happy. It is so wonderful to see young ladies help out their community. It really warms our hearts. They are also so very talented and dedicated to spreading hope and making a difference!  They are shining examples, and we thank each and every one in Girl Scout Troop 6346 and their families.


A Quick Whip Up

Our friend, Antoinette made this little beautiful hat for a baby in the NICU.  I love the yarn, the color and how soft it is.  Hats for babies in the NICU are quick and easy to make, sometimes the perfect project to be inspired!
If you want to get involved, please visit our “Get Involved” Page for yarn criteria and a mailing address.
If you want to learn how to loom knit, please visit our Tutorials page for easy to follow techniques.



We recently received a box busting full of hats from Sally in Oklahoma.  There were 32 hats for children and 36 hats for babies in the NICU.  We are so grateful to Sally who sent us her latest creations in spite of her illness and hospitalization.  We truly commend beautiful and giving souls like Sally!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We wish you well, Sally!


peppaThis Peppa the Pig hat was made especially for Chloe at: A Cure 4 Chloe. This hat was my first attempt at crocheting an entire hat. I did not think that I was capable of actually crocheting a whole entire hat and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out. I will have to start crocheting more of my hats. Although it does take a bit longer than looming. I was so excited to hear that Chloe loved this hat and it brought her such joy. Chloe has a rare “birthmark” hemangioma underneath her right eyelid. The size of it has caused her to loose part of her vision. She has undergone many surgeries and really was in need of a hat to bring her smiles. I am so proud to be the one to make that hat. Please visit Chloe’s facebook page and send her some love. Below is a wonderful collage that Chloe sent us of her wearing the hat.



Thank you Chloe for the wonderful pictures and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


PS- We just participated in a link-up party with Peppa the pig

My Merry Messy Life


This Hello Kitty hat was made specially for Jade Mathias. Jade saw the hat that we made for Jazzy and she wanted one just likes hers. Jade has special needs and has been very sick so we were thrilled to make a hat that would bring her a smile. Unfortunately, Jade does not have a camera that is working so we don’t have a picture of her wearing the hat but she has promised to get us one as soon as she can. Jade we hope that this hat brings you a smile every time that you wear it.


Our friend, Marsha from Wisconsin sent us 23 hats for our next shipment to little chemo warriors and babies in the NICU.  We are so grateful for Marsha’s continued dedication to Knitting Rays of Hope and look forward to see what her next creations look like.


A new friend, Shawnte sent us these sweet treats!  We recently posted on Facebook about Alex’s Lemonade Stand going mainstream and bringing awareness for Childhood Cancer to  the masses with these sweet Easter treats and Shawnte was moved enough to send us some.  These are really yummy and such a great cause! Make sure that you go out and purchase some and let you family and friends know to show support. It would be wonderful to more of this support from companies happening around the world to raise awareness. We want all cancers to be as supported as breast cancer. They are all dangerous and we need a cure for each and every one of them.


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