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Hello Everyone! Sorry we have been absent from the blogs for a while. Pali and I have been crazy busy this month and have had very little time to update the blog. Pali was injured and has not been able to do much and I have been working on completing my masters and learning a new job. We hope to be back on top of things real soon. We are still creating hats and will be making a delivery soon. We will definitely post about our delivery. Hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day!


Last week, we delivered 20 hats for adults to the Oncology Center at Kaiser Permanente in Ontario, California. There were a wide variety of color, sizes and patterns to choose from.  I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to Knitting Rays of Hope, without you this delivery would not have been possible.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


We recently received a pretty big box that was full of these precious creations, from Donna in Washington.  It had a scarf, 16 children’s hats, 6 adult hats and 13 hats for babies in the NICU.  It also included a very pretty card:


I am touched by Donna’s effort and personal card.  Her creations will help spread hope to many families that have a difficult battle on their hands.  I am grateful for our friends like Donna in Washington.


I made this special hat for Conlan, who has severe cerebral palsy and is known as the Hat Man since he wears all types of hats all the time.  In addition to dealing with cerebral palsy, Conlan’s grandfather is in Stage 4 of Lung Cancer and has moved in with Conlan’s family.   So on the back of the Green Lantern hat, I made a white ribbon to celebrate his grandfather and bring awareness to his battle with this extremely horrible disease.  Conlan’s name mean hero, so we think it’s quite fitting that he has a Green Lantern hat!



Back of Hat- White Ribbon for Lung Cancer


Conlan wore the hat to school and everyone loved it on him!  We will keep Conlan and his entire family in our prayers.




A little while ago, Nancy brought over her latest contributions with adorable colors, buttons, flowers and embellishments!  Nancy’s latest creations remind me of summer.  There is a cute watermelon-esque hat, ladybug buttons, adorable owls and very beautiful flowers.  We are preparing to get a shipment going out soon for May- we just have to get the hats labeled, photographed and packed.  We are extremely lucky to have such talented folks making hats for Knitting Rays of Hope- Thank you for being part of our team!  We sincerely could not do this without your help!





I made this whale hat for a very special boy named Silas. Silas is 2 and half years old and has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy along with Secondary Microcephaly, Plagiocephaly, Epilepsy, Severe Developmental Delay, and Tracheal Malaysia, Non-Verbal and Non-Ambulatory . Needless to say Silas has been through a lot since his birth. Silas is a fighter and Knitting Rays of Hope was honored to be able to make a hat especially for him. Silas loves whales and the color blue so we thought that this hat was just right for him.  Please stop by Silas’ facebook page Silas’ Saga and show him some support. We received a wonderful collage of pictures from Silas below:


Thank you Silas for sending us these wonderful pictures of you wearing your hat to share. We are so happy to see that you are enjoying your hat.


We received all of these hats from our wonderful friend Marsha from Milwakee.  Marsha has been sending us boxes full of adorable hats since Fall, 2013.  She has been getting more and more creative with her flowers and buttons.  This time, she even loom-knitted a purple bunny!


This purple bunny will surely bring a child many smiles, love and hope!  I am so amazed by the creativity and generosity Marsha and our whole Knitting Rays of Hope Team consistently display!  I just love opening these boxes!  Thank you, Marsha!


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