Spreading Rays of Hope…a hat at a time

We were pleasantly surprised to receive another package, so quickly from Kate in Oklahoma.  She sent us these 6 Christmas inspired hats for babies in the NICU, which we quickly labeled and included them in our December’s shipment.  We are very thankful for friends like Kate, who are committed to spreading hope and making a difference in our world.

Thank you, Kate from the bottom of our hearts!



I’ve been wanting to make penguin hats for a while now, maybe since last winter.  So these are my first attempts at penguins, I still have some tweaking to do for future penguins, but I am pretty pleased with these lil’ guys.  I admit, my skills on crocheting a nose (on the little penguin) needs serious improvement… But in time, I have no doubt it will become easier to me, with practice, of course.

Doesn’t this time of year, just make you love all the cute, little winter creatures?


Emperor Penguin



And to combine several different personal interests of mine, have you seen this?

Wishing everyone Happy Feet!


IMG_3889Our new friend, Kate in Oklahoma sent us a box full of hats for babies in the NICU.  These hats will be included in our shipment for December, which we are preparing to send out shortly.  We are very happy that Kate found us and are extremely grateful for her generosity and creativity!

Thank you, Kate!

A vision for me

Hope Rays:

“…it is hope that keeps us going.”

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In this life woven with brief moments of happiness we all chase and inevitable sadness we try to escape, there is one common denominator for all of us and that is a vision for something better that tomorrow can come. There is yet to be a man who has never dreamed, try, failed and found the strength to get up and make another step.

As years go by, there comes a time when we decide to pretend we don’t care about what we once desired with all out heart. It seems more logical and we feel mature by silencing the yearning of the inner child. We say it isn’t something we dream about anymore, but just a thought of that magic coming into our lives, is what allows us to sleep at night and gives us a reason to get up with the sun and face the world and all…

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It’s that time of year that almost every person thinks about giving. The one time of year when the world is bathed in a glow of love and compassion.
Our family has always been big on gift giving with each other. We love to share our love.
And every Christmas morning, we take the time to watch each person unwrap their gift and share in their joy before the next gift is given out from under the tree.
There is joy in giving (as well as receiving).
But I ask the question “Why does this attitude of giving only abound at one time of the year”?

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In hopes of trying to use all of my yarn stash, I made these hats for two little baby girls in the NICU, using a neapolitan variegated yarn and a pink yarn.  I also tried a new stitch that our dear friend, Denise at Loomahat blogged about here (link).  The stitch was very easy to do and I am happy with the results.

On the hat on the left, I worked 6 rows of garter stitch and then e-wrapped for 10 rows.  Then I worked 3 rows of hearts in all pink and then e-wrapped until closing.

On the hat on the right, I worked 4 rows of a garter stitch and then the tiny heart stitch for 10 rows, e-wrapped for 6 rows until the hat was closed.

heartclose2Here is a closer view of the hearts that this stitch makes.

I hope that you will give this new stitch a try.  Denise has done a wonderful job in documenting the pattern and even providing a tutorial online on her YouTube channel.

Last week, we made a delivery to the Oncology Center at Kaiser Permanente in Ontario.   We were able to deliver 9 hats and 5 scarves that we have collected from our Knitting Rays of Hope Team!

adiulthats9 adult sized hats

adult_scarves5 warm and cozy scarves

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to Knitting Rays of Hope, without you this delivery would not have been possible.

Thank you!


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