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Mike and Sully


With the Monsters Inc. prequel movie about to be released and because of the inventory I have of this green yarn that just screams Mike Wazoski, we had to make more monster hats.  Using most of my green Mike yarn from my yarn stash, I made 2 more Mike hats.  Since we made about 5 Mike Wazoski hats recently, I ran to the store to pick up a blue yarn for Sully.  Sully’s horns were very tricky and after several attempts, Vanessa did a remarkable job, wouldn’t you agree?

Though I don’t follow a pattern (I generally just eyeball my work), I am trying to document a how-to for those that are interested.


Mike Wazoski hat
<Free Pattern>

I made this hat on a 36 peg loom for a child

To create a this brim
Row 1: e-wrap the pegs  (for this type of brim-garter stitch- I don’t use the peg on the side. I typically begin with the 1st peg and have my slip know part of the brim)
Row 2: purl stitch
Row 3:  e-wrap stitch
Row 4: purl stitch
Row 5:  e-wrap stitch
Row 6: purl stitch

For the rest of the hat
e-wrap  until the hat is 6  inches long (from bottom of brim to top)
My row count is 24 (not including the brim)

To close the hat
I use Jeannie Phillips method of closing for Mike as it creates a rounded, less bunchy top.   You knit 2 pegs, then purl 2 pegs for 3 rows.
Go around the loom twice and then cut off the yarn
With a threaded tapestry needle, you remove all the purl stitched pegs and pull as tight as you progress
You can find Jeannie’s video tutorial link on our Tutorials Page under “Binding Off (or Finishing the Hat)”  – Flat Drawstring Cast Off
Go around and remove all the knit stitches from the loom and close by making a cross (sew the yarn in a + at the top of the stitches) and then go in through the top of the hat.
Make a knot inside the hat and cut off the excess yarn.

You may have a tail near the brim.  You can make sure to secure it with a knot, very close to the brim and cut off the excess yarn.

Loom Knit the 2 Antennae on a Loom Spooler
Row 1: e-wrap the peg
Row 2 & 3: Purl stitch
Row 4-8: E-wrap stitch
Row 9: Bind off or take off the loom spooler
You can then bring the thread into the antennae to the bottom
Make a second antennae

Crochet the Eye
Need: Black yarn, blue yarn, and white yarn; an appropriate sized crochet hook
DC-  Double Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet

Using Black Yarn
Chain 5 single crochets
Slip stitch together
Single Crochet into circle 8 sc (make sure the tail is in the single crochets)
Pull the tail tight, to close the circle.
Change to the blue yarn
Slip stitch to join to black
SC 8 (around the circle)
HDC around the circle
End with a slip knot to secure all stitches
Change to the white yarn
Slip stitch to join to blue
SC around the circle
DC into each stitch around the circle
SC around the circle

To Finish the Hat
Sew all embellishments (2 antennae and 1 eyeball) onto the hat using a tapestry needle

I do not claim to be an expert pattern writer, if you have any questions, please comment below.  I hope to help if you are confused.

We will include these in May’s shipment of hats to a local pediatric cancer organization.  I hope that these will bring hope and happiness to these brave children fighting cancer.

We joined a link up party here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

    Both hats are lovely.


    • Thank you 🙂 And hope the pattern is clear– let me know if you find any problems or confusion.


      • Michelle said:

        Hi Thanks so much! Can you please tell me the gauge of the loom or loom type used in this pattern for the Minion. thanks!!!


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  3. This is so so precious! I have to let you know – you got more than double the clicks from Hookin On Hump Day! Such a cute design!


    • Thank you so much! We tried to take the advice we received from previous entries and provided a free pattern. We are in great competition in the Link Up parties you host… I love almost every entry. Thank you again! We appreciate the support and ability to spread awareness for our cause! 🙂


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  5. […] #1 Most-Clicked Link – Mike and Sully by Pali from Knitting Rays of Hope – free loom knitting patterns for these adorable hats! […]


  6. cecilia said:

    muchas gracias !!!! mis hijas fasinadas, cariños desde argentina


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  9. Fiona said:

    I don’t loom knit… is there a pattern for us “normal” knitters?


    • Sorry I don’t know if a knitting pattern does exist for this. We don’t know how to normal knit ourselves to create one 😦


  10. thank you so much for what you do, i lost a young nephew to peds cancer and had a preemie grand daughter spend months in the nice. you make a must greater difference in the lives you touch, than you may even imagine. ) peace, beth


    • Thank you for your inspiring words. We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew. We hope that we can continue to touch as many lives as possible.


  11. Love, Love , Love ❤ these guys !


    • Thank you 🙂 And thank you for your nomination in Loving with Looms Award, your friendship and endless support! We really appreciate you! ❤


  12. Thank you for all you do. ❤️the hats:) Could you tell
    tell me how to make Sully’s horns?

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ann Taylor said:

    These are wonderful. Keep up the great work you are doing. I just have one question, would I be able to loom knit the eye for Scilly, I don’t know how to knit with needles? Please and thank you.


  14. Cassandra Goodwin said:

    For ending the hat how do you mean knit 2 pegs and then purl 2 pegs and then cut the purl…. is there anyway you can attach a video of you doing this so I can watch it. And also what’s a appropriate size hook for the eyes. I usually use a G hook. Thank you


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