Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Last week we joined the Moogly & My Messy Life  link up party with our Mike & Sully hats (link) and are very excited that we received 1st place!  Woot!  We are told by one of the hosts that our hats received double the clicks in the Link Up Party.  We are grateful for all of your support and interest to those who clicked on the link.

mogglyThe link up party basically is

“…every week we highlight both the most clicked link and those that we feel deserve to be in the spotlight. These links will get twice the exposure – featured on both blogs and on our social media sites, so joining up is a great way to get your site seen.” – Mooglyblog.com

We participate in the link up party for community and enjoy seeing the creations of others.  The link up party increases our traffic to the blog and gets our name out there.  The more we spread awareness, we hope the more people will want to help with our cause. We love watching  the WordPress map of clicks by countries light up.  We were so impressed that people from all over the world were interested enough to click on our blog.  We are excited and humbled.


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