Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

For the Babies

We recently connected with Hope for Happiness and found out they were having a baby item drive.  Hope for Happiness is a non-for-profit organization run by Natalie to bring gifts to children in need!  We were very impressed with Hope for Happiness since it was started by a 16 year old, sweet young lady.  She was diagnosed with Scoliosis and have always loved giving back but wanted to help in a bigger way, so she started Hope for Happiness.  To support Natalie in her mission to make a difference in the world, please visit her on Facebook (link).   As always, please let her know, Knitting Rays of Hope referred you to her page.

We sent 10 baby hats, 5 for baby boys and 5 for baby girls.  The top 8 hats were made by my sister, Natree and the bottom 2 were quickly loom-knitted by Janine, in the sake of fairness.    All 10 of these hats are very soft and light, and we hope that the recipients will adore them.


Comments on: "For the Babies" (3)

  1. I seriously need to learn how to knit. These are wonderful.


    • Thank you! 🙂 Loom knitting is sooo super easy. You should give it a try. I cannot knit with sticks and am starting to learn how to crochet just for embellishments. Take a look at our tutorials page— there is a collection of YouTube tutorials that are very helpful!


      • I will absolutely do that. It’s so far from anything I’ve done that I hadn’t even heard of loom knitting! I’m going to read the tutorial and would love to try this as a new hobby. If I become good enough… I’d love to donate… but I better take this a step at a time. 😉 Thanks so much!!


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