Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We conducted our 3rd looming class ,on Thursday of last week, and we are just so excited that we have been asked to host even more.   We have been having such a great turn out at each of our classes and could not be happier. We are thrilled to be meeting great people who are excited to learn how to loom knit and help our cause. It is so invigorating to be able to share time with such wonderful people, and we also get to learn from the talents of the people we are teaching.  Nancy, who has attended all of our classes, is very talented at crocheting. She has agreed to show us how to create some beautiful embellishments on our hats.

These are Nancy’s creations below:


She is going to be showing us how to create these beautiful flowers, bows, and hearts. These embellishments are just so adorable, and I can’t wait to learn how to make them.

We also received donations from a few others. It was great to learn from Joaine that she went home and showed her boyfriend how to make the hats.  Can you believe he actually made a great hat and donated it to us?


We are so impressed with Joaine for teaching others how to create hats as well as her boyfriend for helping us with our cause. We hope that others are inspired to teach more people that will help us spread rays of hope to more and more people.

Sandra donated more of her wonderful creations as well:

We are so grateful to Sandra for being such a wonderful help for our cause with the constant donations that she makes as well as her efforts in organizing the classes that we have been teaching.
We want to extend a big Thank You to everyone who has helped or is helping us with our cause. We are so very grateful for each and everyone one of you.

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