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We are extremely pleased to announce a free pattern for creating a Minion hat, due to popular demand.  Almost daily, people have been searching our blog on how to create a Minion, so we thought that we would create a pattern for all those Minion fans out there. The Minion is my favorite hat to create and it is really easy.   Now on to the directions:

Minion hat
<Free Pattern>

I made this hat on a 39 peg loom

Step 1: Looming the Hat

For the  brim
Rows 1- 4 garter stitch (purl 1 row, knit 1 row).
You can adjust the brim size by garter stitching less or more rows.

For the hat
E-Wrap using the yellow color to about 3 1/2 inches up from the brim
Switched yarn to black
To switch colors, you simply cut the yellow and tie on the black and continue e-wrapping.
E-Wrap about 5 rows of the black
Switch back to the yellow color for about 2 inches.
The height at which you change colors will depend on the size of hat that you are creating.

Step 2: Crochet the Eye
Need black yarn, white yarn and dark steel gray yarn; an appropriate sized crochet hook
SC-Single Crochet
HDC- Half Double Crochet

Using Black Yarn
Chain 5 single crochet
Slip stitch together
SC into circle 10 sc (make sure the tail is in the single crochets)
Pull the tail tight to close the circle

Change to White Yarn
Slip stitch to join to black yarn
Chain up 1 (Sc)
Row 1-2 HDC in each black stitch
Chain up 2 (SC)
Row 2- 2 HDC in each white stitch

Change to Gray Yarn
Slip stitch to join to white yarn
Chain up 1 (Sc)
SC in each white stitch to make frame

Step 3: Creating the Mouth
Using Black Yarn
SC a chain of 8
Turn the chain over
1 Sc into each stitch
Sew the mouth on in a smile shape (note: I find it easier to sew on the tongue then the mouth).

Step 4: Creating the Tongue
Using red yarn
Chain 5
1 Sc in first chain
1 Dc into the next 3 chains
1 Sc in the last chain
Turn over and repeat pattern 1 Sc in first and last stitch and 1 Dc in each of the other stitches.
Then sew this on to the hat and the mouth on top of it.

Step 5- Creating the Hair
Cut a 6 inch long strand of black yarn.  Fold over the yarn (doubling it) feed it through the needle keeping it doubled. Pull the needle through the head and pull the tail of the yarn through the loop that is created. Continue this with as many strands as you like. For the Minion pictures above I did this step 5 times.

I hope that you enjoy this pattern and can begin to create wonderful Minions that will bring smiles to children. Would love to see pictures of the Minions that you create.


Comments on: "Minion- Free Hat Pattern" (33)

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  2. This is too cute! It’s getting to the end of summer so I guess it’s about time to get out the yarn and make some hats for winter again. Stop by my Friday’s Five Features and link up this project (and others)! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com/2013/08/fridays-five-features-no-3.html


  3. samantha said:

    what weight yarn did you use? what is the gauge?


    • I believe that the weight of the yarn is a medium 4. I threw away the labeling so I am not positive on that. It is a red heart yellow yarn. I did double the yarn to make the hat.


  4. Michelle said:

    Hi Can you please tell me the type or size loom used? I have different gauge round looms..


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  6. FYI pattern should read for the brim garter stitch (purl one row, knit one row). Rib stitch is where you knit one peg, purl one peg.


  7. There is anyway I can make the eye with a round loom I don’t know how to knit.


    • Hi Kat, I made the round eye using my Flower Loom as I am hopeless at knitting and crocheting. It turned out pretty good too 🙂


    • If you see Moonweaver’s comment above she was able to loom the eye. We haven’t been able to make the eye on the loom successfully but maybe Moonweaver can help you with the how to of that.


  8. I don’t know how to post a photo of the Minion hat I made with your inspiration here but I’ll try a link to it..
    Loved creating it, thank you!


  9. I love that! I’m going to have to give it a try!


  10. We are a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community.
    Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have performed
    an impressive task and our whole community will be grateful to you.


  11. Thank you for following my blog. I’m so glad that you did so I could find you. I’m in love with the minion hat and sad that I don’t knit or crochet. Although it’s been 21 years since my son was bald due to his chemo, I don’t remember anyone doing what you are. You are certainly making many children smile with this project!


  12. Thank you for seeking us out and your kind words! 🙂


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  14. Vivit59 said:

    Thank you very much !

    Liked by 1 person

  15. V pritchard said:

    I love the minion hat and made up my own already using the loom for toddler. Too small for my 16 month old. The next size is too big. It’s frustrating but I’m loving the speed I can use to get them finished.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. How wonderful! Sizes of hats vary based on number of rows and the size of the loom. You can even use a scarf loom and just go in a round! Best of luck!


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