Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.



We have been trying to create more character hats that we can send in May’s shipment, and I was looking through my yarn stash and found the perfect yellow to create Minions. I know that there is another Despicable Me movie coming out soon, so I think that these creations will be very much adored. Pali helped me crochet the eyes.  She has become such an expert in making them so perfectly. The last Minion hat that I created had two eyes and I think that making one eyed Minions is so much better because you don’t have to match the eyes, LOL. My daughter loved them so I hope that a Chemo Warrior will as well.

To create these hats I used the 36 pegged loom. For the brim I purled one row then e-wrapped one row for about six rows. The rest of the hat is e-wrapped with a color change to black yarn, for the black stripe.   I used a flat drawstring bind off to have a flatter top.  The YouTube video showing you how to close a hat this way is on our Tutorial page (link).

I crocheted the embellishments and sewed them onto the hat once completed.

I know that these silly characters will for sure bring our little Chemo Warriors smiles and I can’t wait to see those beautiful smiles brighten up our world.



Comments on: "Minions" (10)

  1. helensamia said:

    They will love them…


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  3. Congrats on the feature. Your minions are cute! 🙂


  4. sandrabennett said:

    Vanessa these are brilliant yet again, I so love what you are doing, the kids will love these too! Congratulations on such an inspiring idea. 🙂


  5. Angie said:

    Sooooo cute!


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