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A Monster Hat for Kellan


We received this wonderful picture from Mighty Kellan, wearing his Monster Hat. Thank you Kellan for sending us this wonderful picture. We met Mighty Kellan from our friend Liam whom we made an identical hat for (see original story here). Kellan has been fighting an unknown disease as described from his facebook page:

He began experiencing issues shortly after birth. Unable to keep down feedings and loosing weight at 2 weeks old Mighty Kellan was admitted to the hospital for testing and the placement of an NJ tube (feeding tube from nose to the intestines). We made slow progress with weight gain after several admissions to the hospital and the continued bulking up on calories but we still had no answers. A second opinioin lead us to the decision of a g tube (feeding tube button place into his stomach) at 4 months of age. Again progress was slow and soon Kellan’s development began to lag behind. He was started with PT, OT, ST around 7 months of age. He still to this days struggles with developmental delays but has recently started walking. Around his first birthday Kellan underwent surgery for a benign palatal tumor. Some results from genetic testing lead us to see a second opinion endocrinologist who started Kellan on growth hormone at 15 months of age, Kellan was at this time diagnosed with growth hormone deficency. In late April of 2012 Kellan experienced his first seizure and was placed on antiseizure medication. Then in June 2012 suffering from what we thought was a stomach virus Kellan was admitted to the hospital where he would spend the entire summer and fall. After many failed attempts at restarting feeds through various types of feeding tubes (g tube, gj tube, nj tube, j tube) it was determined that Kellan would remain on TPN (IV nutrition) for the forseeable future. With the start of IV nutrition we saw Kellan put on weight, grow and make progress developmentally, all things that were huge issues prior to TPN. We still have a long way to go and no answers but our Mighty Kellan keeps battling and smiling every day. We appreciate your prayers, thoughts, kind words, questions, and thoughts.

Kellan truly is a Mighty boy. He has been fighting since birth and still manages to maintain a beautiful smile. I can see it shining through his pacifier. Please stop by his facebook page (link) to show him some love and support. Be sure to mention that Knitting Rays of Hope sent you. Kellan, we hope that you keep up the fighting and pray that you are healed of all problems and live a full and healthy life.


A Sock Monkey Hat for Malachi

In March, we received our first specific hat request!! For the last year, we have just been making hats and characters that we think people would enjoy, and that’s included Minions, Mike & Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Hello Kitty,  Cookie Monster, The Grouch,  bunnies, chicks, footballs, apples, gingerbread people, snow people,  pumpkins, Frankensteins, frogs,dogs, dinosaurs, hippos, Elmo, cupcakes and pirates.  But through Facebook,  from our new friend, Malachi’s mommy sent us a request.

We learned Malachi is a young 3 1/2 year old boy who was born with HRHS (Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome), which is a rare congenital heart defect. The American Heart Association reports that approximately 36,000 babies are born each year with some type of heart defect. Growing awareness has helped to give parents easy access to information about congenital heart defects. Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, however, remains one heart defect with limited resources available online.  Malachi is scheduled to have heart surgery in June, and we pray for a quick recovery and wonderful news.  If you would like to support this young warrior, please visit his Facebook page to read more about “Mallie”, as his parents lovingly call him.  Please tell them that Knitting Rays of Hope sent you to pray & support this young boy and family in facing CHD (Congenital Heart Disease).

When we started this last year, we actually worried that we would get requests for hats that we couldn’t make or become so inundated, that we would be behind constantly.  And it took a little over a year, but we were so excited when we received Malachi’s request, though we have never made a sock monkey before.  MMMM.  Off to the greatest place of inspiration, Pinterest.  🙂  Search Sock Monkey Hats.

The pattern I used for this Sock Monkey is pretty basic; the brim is a garter stitch for 6 rows, the rest of the hat is e-wrapped.  For the face, I used 2 yarns, one was a light brown and one was a variegated cream & tan.  I crocheted the ears and an oval for the white part of the mouth and 2 chains for the red smile.  Vanessa helped me by making a great big red pom-pom and sewed the eyes, ears and smile onto the face.  We are very please with how it turned out.  I think it looks great on Mallie and sincerely hope he loves it.  This hat brings our totals to 550 hats created & sent!


Malachi enjoying his Sock Monkey Hat

Since our 1st hat request, we have received quite a few more and we are excitedly  planning, working and making them.  We hope that these hats bring humongous smiles to these children’s faces!  We immensely enjoy receiving the pictures with such cuties wearing hats we made with love for them.

If you would like to request a specific hat be made for you or a loved one fighting an illness, please “Request a Hat” button on the right side under “Contact Us” or you can connect with us via Facebook.

Hope you have a splendid day!


Today’s Word of the Day is “New”

Today’s word of the day  is “New” as in – newsboy cap, new likes, new friends, new followers, new efforts, new month

The hat (above)  was made in a thick off-white yarn in a newsboy cap pattern.  I followed Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses’ Youtube tutorial (link) and will probably try it again to improve upon my grasp of the technique.  I hope that the brim will stick out when a child chemo warrior wears it.

We are excited to be connecting with more people on Facebook, WordPress and Twitter.  We have actually received requests for hats for brave children fighting some horrifying diseases and have received word back that some of them have already received our gifts.  I will post about a sock monkey hat for Malachi shortly.  I didn’t want to post it before he received it so I don’t spoil any surprises.    To be honest, we were on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest for about a year or so, but weren’t very connected.  Just recently, we have grown and are so excited to receive hat requests.  When we started Knitting Rays of Hope, the PR piece of this was a little overwhelming for me especially, since I am a bit shy, even about our cause.  I love what we do, I love how rewarding it is to help others, however to share what we are doing comes unnaturally to me.  Logically I know that if I share, the more people might get involved, and at the very least, awareness will spread; and hopefully as more people are aware, we can demand cures!  I think my shyness (if that’s what we are calling it), is being beat by the excitement with every new connection and hat request.  Yay!

I really am grateful for all our local friends, who are loom knitting as quickly as their fingers can move and a few new friends, who we met via social media and are sending us their contributions to our Knitting Rays of Hope cause.    And that’ s definitely NOT an Aprils’ Fools Joke!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!