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Danger Season

One of the programs that are near and dear to our hearts is the Pajama Program, a charity that offers at-risk children the unconditional, magical gifts of pajamas and books so that they can enjoy the greatest benefit of a loving bedtime and peaceful good night: a fulfilling good day.

We were just informed that Pajama Program’s founder, Genevieve Piturro, will be on Megyn Kelly TODAY at 9am Christmas morning. Hear more from Genevieve about the story of Pajama Program, as told by author Laura Schroff in her book, Angels on Earth.

Pajama Program


We all know the holiday season is here, bringing joy to many, but it can be difficult for those away from their family or fighting cancer. Then, once the holidays end, the cold winter really sets in from January through March.

Unfortunately, the coldest months of winter are often when the contributions decrease.

Please consider contributing to Pajama Program or Knitting Rays of Hope to help spread hope and warmth during the “danger season”.

Thank you!



I’ve been wanting to make penguin hats for a while now, maybe since last winter.  So these are my first attempts at penguins, I still have some tweaking to do for future penguins, but I am pretty pleased with these lil’ guys.  I admit, my skills on crocheting a nose (on the little penguin) needs serious improvement… But in time, I have no doubt it will become easier to me, with practice, of course.

Doesn’t this time of year, just make you love all the cute, little winter creatures?


Emperor Penguin



And to combine several different personal interests of mine, have you seen this?

Wishing everyone Happy Feet!