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2 Sweetheart Hats with the Tiny Heart Stitch


In hopes of trying to use all of my yarn stash, I made these hats for two little baby girls in the NICU, using a neapolitan variegated yarn and a pink yarn.  I also tried a new stitch that our dear friend, Denise at Loomahat blogged about here (link).  The stitch was very easy to do and I am happy with the results.

On the hat on the left, I worked 6 rows of garter stitch and then e-wrapped for 10 rows.  Then I worked 3 rows of hearts in all pink and then e-wrapped until closing.

On the hat on the right, I worked 4 rows of a garter stitch and then the tiny heart stitch for 10 rows, e-wrapped for 6 rows until the hat was closed.

heartclose2Here is a closer view of the hearts that this stitch makes.

I hope that you will give this new stitch a try.  Denise has done a wonderful job in documenting the pattern and even providing a tutorial online on her YouTube channel.