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Our Dear Friend, Nancy


A little while ago, Nancy brought over her latest creations that just put us in the Christmas spirit!  These adorable snowmen, each unique and jolly will surely light up faces with smiles!   And her candy cane hats, snowflake buttons, a just perfect pom-pom and the grey/red striped- all will be treasured, no doubt about it.


Nancy suffered a medical emergency and is in need of special prayers. Please send your prayers to her for a speedy recovery. Nancy has been such an amazing supporter of Knitting Rays and we just hope that we can show her some support for her recovery. Thinking of you Nancy and hope to be able to see you making beautiful creations again soon. 😉

~Pali & Vanessa

Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so very thankful for all of our supporters, contributors and readers!  Knitting Rays of Hope would not be able to spread nearly as much hope and smiles without you!

We hope that your day is filled with love and hope!


Honoring Veterans Today


Holiday Mail for Heroes

The Red Cross has modified their program to distribute holiday cards to the military, veterans and their families a little bit.  They are moving it to the local Red Cross offices.  I feel it’s still an important program and will contact our local Red Cross office.  For more information, please go to here.

Kathy from Kentucky

This is our 2nd shipment that we received from Kathy in Kentucky.  We are so touched by Kathy’s creativity, talent and generosity- she sent us 2 boxes!  The first box had adorable hats of all characters and designs and the second one was full of soft, cuddly yarn.
We can’t wait to make some hats out of the donated yarn she sent!


We are so appreciative of friends like Kathy!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Robin’s Contributions


We welcome Robin to Team Knitting Rays of Hope.  Earlier this month, she sent us a box chocked full of beautiful, handmade creations- the box included 16 hats for children, 32 hats for babies in the NICU and 2 beautiful brown scarves with fringe!  We are so grateful that Robin found us online and love beginning a new friendship!


We are very grateful for Robin’s donation, all of her creations are beautiful and will be included in our May shipments!  With so many colors, styles and textures to choose from, we are sure that many people will be blessed with hope and love!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


2 Year Blogaversary


It’s Easter and our 2 Year Blogaversary!

Two years ago, some said we were two crazy chicks with a cracked up idea to make a difference.  Perhaps they were astute in their observations, but we paid no heed as we embarked on an amazing and rewarding ride – Knitting Rays of Hope.  We knew what we wanted to accomplish- to spread hope and awareness-  but there were many steep learning curves and obstacles for us.  There have been days of disappointment and frustration just as there have been days of the rewarding feeling when you make a difference and see the impact you had; there have been many tears over shared stories or learning who earned angel wings far too early.  We started as a small local group and are now receiving hats from all over the country, from young girls scouts to those still young at heart.  Our blog’s viewer base has grown from and average of 23 in 2012  to 249 in 2014.  We are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.   Some of our deliveries were even shipped overseas!  I spout out all these stats to you, first because stats excite me (yeah- I am a bit nerdy), but mainly because your support absolutely amazes me.  Vanessa and I really had no clue that we would be able to sustain the deliveries monthly; never in our wildest dreams would we have thought we could have spread hope to over 1,650 patients and families!  This is possible because of you— the engaging community that cares enough to put love into action!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our First Post:

a group of ladies and the knitted creationsOur Top Posts:

haidenMinionMinion- Free Hat Pattern  on 8/4/13 (with the most views)

monsterinc2Mike and Sully  on 5/21/13 (in 2nd place)

Our Top Pages:

  1.  Free Patterns
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Our Comments:
We have over 520 comments with an average of 15 comments per month. We are very appreciative of all your comments, questions and support!  Thank you for taking the time to comment and become part of our community!  We have made many friends online and thoroughly enjoy reading your comments, stories and inspirations!

We are grateful for each and every one of you in our community – whether you create hats, donate yarn or money, spread awareness, share our stories, like our posts, assist with the logistics, or just be our cheerleader.  We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!
~Pali & Vanessa

Look What We Got in the Mail!


Our friend, Marsha from Wisconsin sent us 23 hats for our next shipment to little chemo warriors and babies in the NICU.  We are so grateful for Marsha’s continued dedication to Knitting Rays of Hope and look forward to see what her next creations look like.


A new friend, Shawnte sent us these sweet treats!  We recently posted on Facebook about Alex’s Lemonade Stand going mainstream and bringing awareness for Childhood Cancer to  the masses with these sweet Easter treats and Shawnte was moved enough to send us some.  These are really yummy and such a great cause! Make sure that you go out and purchase some and let you family and friends know to show support. It would be wonderful to more of this support from companies happening around the world to raise awareness. We want all cancers to be as supported as breast cancer. They are all dangerous and we need a cure for each and every one of them.

The Best Kind of People



Together as a Team


In December, we shipped 109 children’s hats to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (link), and we received a Thank You letter that had some words we would like to share with you:

You’ve been directly involved in changing lives at Loma Linda University Health.  Together we’re bringing peace, joy and hope to our family of patients, students and educators.

I thought these words were profound, as this is definitely a team effort and I would like to thank you again for being a part of our team.  You make a difference with your support and really make an impact on the lives of others.  Though invisible and cannot be measured, Hope is absolutely a necessity.

make a difference phrase on blackboard

In 2014, I strongly encourage you to make a difference in your community.  If you would like to get involved with Knitting Rays of Hope, but don’t know how to make a hat, we have a tutorials page (link) full of YouTube video tutorials, that we’ve collected and thought were helpful when we began.  If you already know how to crochet, knit, loom knit or sew hats, and would like to send us your creations, please visit our Get Involved page (link) that provides all the information you need.

If yarn is not your thing, I understand but I urge you to find your passion and use it to make a difference for others!  You will find the rewards in your works.

Contributions of All Sorts


We are very appreciative of Nancy and her friends (Kathy, Jenny, Bridget and Candace) for loom knitting the hats above to contribute in our December’s shipment.  Nancy has been very supportive in her efforts to make hats, but also in recruiting friends and co-workers to Team Knitting Rays of Hope and most recently, she has been able to create a lot of PR for our cause!  We are so appreciative of everyone who supports and helps us spread hope.  We realize that during this time of year, between holiday parties to shopping and decorating, things can get chaotic.  We are very thankful for all the contributions we receive and know that they will make a difference to the patients and their families.

Nancy shared an encounter she recently had while purchasing yarn at a craft store.  She tells us that a lady behind her, overheard her saying that she was making hats for children who are fighting cancer.  The lady thanked Nancy for her hats, as she had a young son who was in the hospital many times and how much he enjoyed picking out a special hat every visit.

I think it’s great inspiration when we hear how our creations help make a chemo warrior smile!  Doesn’t it make you just want to knit a million more?