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Jack – The Pumpkin Sock Monkey

Pumpkin Sock Monkey hat

Around this time of year, we are inundated with pumpkins- from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin chili.  I actually enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice lattes, but I do have my limits.  I cannot fathom trying pumpkin chili or pumpkin soup.  Anyways I thought we could use a pumpkin inspired sock monkey.  Of course, you can use this pattern for any type of sock monkey, just change the colors and use your imagination!


Sock Monkey
<Free Pattern>

I made this hat on a 31 peg loom for a young child

To create a this brim
Using 2 strands of  green yarn
Row 1: e-wrap the pegs  (for this type of brim-garter stitch- I don’t use the peg on the side. I typically begin with the 1st peg and have my slip know part of the brim)
Row 2: purl stitch
Row 3:  e-wrap stitch
Row 4: purl stitch
Row 5:  e-wrap stitch
Row 6: purl stitch

For the face
Using a white yarn and an orange yarn
e-wrap  until the hat is 4.5  inches long (from bottom of brim to top)
My row count is 15  (not including the brim)

For the top of the hat
Using 2 strands of orange yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows

Change to 2 strands of white yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows and close the hat  using the gathered method
(our friend, Denis at Loomahat.com a great tutorial on how to close that hat here)

For the Ears    (Crochet)
Using a white yarn and an orange yarnWe followed a YouTube Tutorial

For the Mouth    (Crochet)
Using a brown yarn
Crochet a chain of 12 for 2 rows
Switch to a white yarn
Crochet 1 sc in each chain, except at the ends
For the ends, DC in each chain to create an oval

Sew the mouth, ears, button eyes and pom-pom onto the hat

I have made a few different variations of the sock monkey as they were specially requested.


If you use this pattern, we would love to see your creations!  Post a picture in the comments 🙂

Pink Sock Monkey for Brionna


Recently we connected with Brionna’s mother who informed us about Brionna’s courageous fight with brain, epilepsy, lung and GI issues.  Brionna is a very brave 5 year old girl, who loves sock monkeys and the color pink.  We made this pink sock monkey hat to cheer her up on difficult days.  We would like to remind her that people really do care about her, and we are sending our love.

Here is a cute picture showing Brionna happy to have her pink sock monkey hat.  Isn’t Brionna adorable?


Making hats for sick children, babies in the NICU and Chemo Warriors is very, very rewarding.  It’s my way of giving back, doing good work as an act of service or making kindness, my religion, so to speak.  And when we ship off a box of hats to a hospital or oncology center, I know that the hats really make people happy and hopeful.  It shows people that there are folks out in this cruel world that really do care.  And sometimes we get a connection and maybe a photo of a recipient who is wearing our creation.  It’s so special to me, it touches my heart profoundly to make that connection.  With these special requests, it starts with that connection, the personal story.  I get the privilege of getting to know what their challenges are, what they like and then I receive these beautiful photos with amazing smiles.  The pictures are so much better than my imagination.  Thank you for sending us these pictures!  The pictures of these smiling faces wearing my creations is really my motivation.  I am honored to be a small part of their lives.

A Sock Monkey for Baby Eli


Baby Eli’s auntie requested a little sock monkey for her precious nephew, Eli.  Elijah Edwards was born 24 weeks, 5 days and is still in the NICU 11 months later.  He is classified as a micro preemie, born 16 weeks early.  To learn more about Baby Eli or to show support and send prayers, please visit his Facebook page (link), and please tell them Knitting Rays of Hope sent you.

Eli’s story has really opened our eyes to how amazing life is and how one so little is able to fight so hard for life. We cant wait for the day that he is finally able to go home and enjoy a full and wonderful life. We pray that day is coming soon. The sock monkey hat is going to be included in a box for Baby Eli’s birthday in May.  We hope that the hat makes his family smile and know that people care about their plight.  We can’t wait to see Baby Eli modeling the sock monkey. 🙂


A Sock Monkey Hat for Malachi

In March, we received our first specific hat request!! For the last year, we have just been making hats and characters that we think people would enjoy, and that’s included Minions, Mike & Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Hello Kitty,  Cookie Monster, The Grouch,  bunnies, chicks, footballs, apples, gingerbread people, snow people,  pumpkins, Frankensteins, frogs,dogs, dinosaurs, hippos, Elmo, cupcakes and pirates.  But through Facebook,  from our new friend, Malachi’s mommy sent us a request.

We learned Malachi is a young 3 1/2 year old boy who was born with HRHS (Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome), which is a rare congenital heart defect. The American Heart Association reports that approximately 36,000 babies are born each year with some type of heart defect. Growing awareness has helped to give parents easy access to information about congenital heart defects. Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, however, remains one heart defect with limited resources available online.  Malachi is scheduled to have heart surgery in June, and we pray for a quick recovery and wonderful news.  If you would like to support this young warrior, please visit his Facebook page to read more about “Mallie”, as his parents lovingly call him.  Please tell them that Knitting Rays of Hope sent you to pray & support this young boy and family in facing CHD (Congenital Heart Disease).

When we started this last year, we actually worried that we would get requests for hats that we couldn’t make or become so inundated, that we would be behind constantly.  And it took a little over a year, but we were so excited when we received Malachi’s request, though we have never made a sock monkey before.  MMMM.  Off to the greatest place of inspiration, Pinterest.  🙂  Search Sock Monkey Hats.

The pattern I used for this Sock Monkey is pretty basic; the brim is a garter stitch for 6 rows, the rest of the hat is e-wrapped.  For the face, I used 2 yarns, one was a light brown and one was a variegated cream & tan.  I crocheted the ears and an oval for the white part of the mouth and 2 chains for the red smile.  Vanessa helped me by making a great big red pom-pom and sewed the eyes, ears and smile onto the face.  We are very please with how it turned out.  I think it looks great on Mallie and sincerely hope he loves it.  This hat brings our totals to 550 hats created & sent!


Malachi enjoying his Sock Monkey Hat

Since our 1st hat request, we have received quite a few more and we are excitedly  planning, working and making them.  We hope that these hats bring humongous smiles to these children’s faces!  We immensely enjoy receiving the pictures with such cuties wearing hats we made with love for them.

If you would like to request a specific hat be made for you or a loved one fighting an illness, please “Request a Hat” button on the right side under “Contact Us” or you can connect with us via Facebook.

Hope you have a splendid day!