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Today’s Word of the Day is “New”

Today’s word of the day  is “New” as in – newsboy cap, new likes, new friends, new followers, new efforts, new month

The hat (above)  was made in a thick off-white yarn in a newsboy cap pattern.  I followed Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses’ Youtube tutorial (link) and will probably try it again to improve upon my grasp of the technique.  I hope that the brim will stick out when a child chemo warrior wears it.

We are excited to be connecting with more people on Facebook, WordPress and Twitter.  We have actually received requests for hats for brave children fighting some horrifying diseases and have received word back that some of them have already received our gifts.  I will post about a sock monkey hat for Malachi shortly.  I didn’t want to post it before he received it so I don’t spoil any surprises.    To be honest, we were on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest for about a year or so, but weren’t very connected.  Just recently, we have grown and are so excited to receive hat requests.  When we started Knitting Rays of Hope, the PR piece of this was a little overwhelming for me especially, since I am a bit shy, even about our cause.  I love what we do, I love how rewarding it is to help others, however to share what we are doing comes unnaturally to me.  Logically I know that if I share, the more people might get involved, and at the very least, awareness will spread; and hopefully as more people are aware, we can demand cures!  I think my shyness (if that’s what we are calling it), is being beat by the excitement with every new connection and hat request.  Yay!

I really am grateful for all our local friends, who are loom knitting as quickly as their fingers can move and a few new friends, who we met via social media and are sending us their contributions to our Knitting Rays of Hope cause.    And that’ s definitely NOT an Aprils’ Fools Joke!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!