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Beautiful Hats from Thousand Palms

Bette from Thousand Palms in California found us online and sent us these beautiful hats!


She also enclosed a note in the box that reads:

Enclosed are 36 hats I have made- all machine washable and dryable & most are baby, toddler and child sizes.

Please let me know if you like them and can use them & I’ll get started on some more

We absolutely love them and will use them in our next delivery, but we are positive that our cancer warriors, tiny babies and families will also appreciate them.  Thank you for helping to spread hope and love with these gifts!

Thank you!

Adorable Hats from North Carolina

A new friend, Pat from Sunset Beach in North Carolina sent us these adorable hats for babies.  Pat says she found us online, and we are so grateful that she did!


Halloween hats




Christmas Hats

Pat included a note that said:

I hope you can use these hats.  I really enjoy crocheting/loom knitting baby hats in my spare time and found your website.  This is a wonderful organization.  Thank you for giving of your time and resources for this great cause.

We are extremely grateful for friends like Pat.  Her hats are adorable and will most definitely bring smiles and hope to the recipients and their families!

Thank you so much!

October Delivery of 227 Items

Last week, our dear friend Melissa delivered 227 items for Knitting Rays of Hope.  She delivered 111 items to CHOC, which included 98 hats, 11 scarves and 2 knitted purses for children cancer warriors.  She also took in 116 hats for babies in the NICU at St. Joesph’s in Orange County.


98 hats for children fighting cancer



11 scarves and 2 purses for children fighting cancer

116 hats for babies in the NICU

116 hats for babies in the NICU

We are so proud of our entire team!  With this delivery, we have spread hope & love to over 4,000 families!  I am so proud of each and every one of you; without all of your efforts and love, none of this would be possible.  This month, Jazlyn coordinated the hats for delivery by tagging, photographing and counting them, and Melissa our delivery ambassador was crucial in picking the hats up and then delivering them to both hospitals!  If you contributed your hats to Knitting Rays of Hope, please know how wonderfully awesome you are and the impact you are making in the world!  Special thanks to our team– and what a special team they are!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

5 Lil’ Pumpkins

My daughter made these a few weeks ago.

pumpkin hats

Happy October, everybody!

Judy’s Gifts

Judy recently sent another package filled with these 7 hats for babies in the NICU.







Thank you for your steady work and contributions!  We are so grateful for friends like you — continuing to help us spread love and hope!

Combination Delivery: 259 Total Items

A week ago, our friend Melissa delivered 259 items to spread love and hope!  There were 145 hats  and 4 hats, mitten & booties sets delivered to the NICU at St. Joseph’s in Orange County.  Melissa also graciously took 110 hats for children chemo warriors to CHOC.   IMG_3566

Above is a picture of all the hats and mitten/booties/hat sets that were made and donated to St. Joseph’s babies.


Here are the 110 hats for our children chemo warriors that get treatments at CHOC.

We are so grateful to Melissa to make this happen for Knitting Rays of Hope, as well as all of our knitters who generously knit and contribute to keep Knitting Rays of Hope alive!

Thank you to our entire team!

Our New Friend, Chris

Chris sent us a huge box a little while ago full of these goodies.



The hats and blankets are all made with extra love and care!  We are so impressed and look forward to being able to provide these to our babies’ families to spread love and hope.  We are so very grateful that you found us, Chris and look forward to your future shipments!

Thank you!  Thank you!

A Generous Donation

We recently received this box full of hats that are made by a husband and wife team.


They included a beautiful card that reads:

I hope that you will be to use these hats.  My husband and I make them and we enjoy donating them.

These are wonderful and will be included in our deliveries to spread hope and love.

Thank you!

Blessings from Massachusetts

We received this box full of goodies from our new friend, Shirley from Massachusetts.


Shirley1 Shirley sent a note that reads:

I have been watching your Knitting Rays of Hope on Pinterest for many months now and thought I could assist you in your wonderful endeavor. My sister is a cancer patient in Massachusetts and I know how much aid and comfort needs to be given to the patients as well as their families and friends.  My sister has a stoma and likes the cowl neck scarves.  Do you accept those as well as hats?

I have only been knitting for about 7 months now, so my hats are not the best by any means but they’re made with love.  I hope they’ll make someone happy to have it.  I am enclosing 18 chemo hatsa nd 7 children’s hats.

Thank you for working hard to impact the lives of others.

How wonderful these are Shirley, we are impressed as your skills are very good for a beginner.  We accept cowls, scarves, hats, blankets, purses, stuffed lovies and basically anything you can make by hand and think would be appreciated by our chemo warriors or babies in the NICU.

We pray for you and your sister and send love and positive thoughts.  Thank you for your contributions and we hope to continue our friendship!

Adult Delivery: 7 hats and 4 Scarves


Our friend, Melissa took these hats and scarves to the adult oncology center to spread hope to our adult cancer warriors at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County.



We are so appreciative that Melissa is willing to help distribute our donations.  She is an essential part of the Knitting Rays of Hope Team and spreading love and hope to our special cancer warriors!

Thank you!