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Control Your Focus


Thank You for the Lessons

Thank you CardI’d like to take a moment and thank the nay-sayers, the negativity crowd, the haters…

As you insulted,

As you called me names and still claimed to be professional,

As you showed your lack of values,

As you displayed your ignorance and low class,

Since you have had little exposure to people who think differently than you,  who challenge your opinions,

I thank you.  

Yes I thank you, for allowing me to put into action Michelle Obama’s phrase of “When they go low, we go high.”

I was able to model behavior that I expect of my children, because of you.

Because of exposure to your low class, lack of manners, and repeated disrespect, I was able to provide examples to my children of what you don’t want to be when you grow up.

Because you exist and the world unfortunately is full of people like you, the life lesson is to keep living and focusing on what we love and ignore people like you.

Love What Matters and forget the rest!focus

I wish you well and I sincerely thank you for the life lessons!