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Sully for Megan


Recently we connected with Megan’s mother, who informed us about Megan’s courageous fight with numerous medical issues <including Chromosome 14 duplication with a partial deletion, hypotonia (low muscle tone), cyclic neutropenia (low white cell count), sensory processing disorder– just to name a few>.     Megan is a very brave little girl, almost 4 years old, and loves Monsters, Inc.  Megan’s mother just created a Facebook page to spread awareness and connect with other families dealing with a child with special needs.  Please show Megan and her family support by visiting her Facebook page (link) and click the Like button.  You can also leave her a supportive message on her Facebook wall.

We made this Sully hat to cheer her up on difficult days. In fact, when she received the hat, about a week ago, she was very sick and going back & forth to the hospital.  But when she tried it on, she was very happy with it and wore it to sleep in.  Her mother sent us this:

“She loves her hat and I am extremely grateful to you for making it for her. What you guys do for these children is truly amazing. Thank you for making her something that she loves, thus making me happy to see her happy”

…and a beautiful picture of Megan wearing her Sully hat


We would like to remind Megan and her mother that people really do care about her, and we are sending our love.  I feel honored to be a small part of this extraordinary girl’s life and am so thrilled that the Sully hat helped Megan be comforted and happy when she was feeling horrible.