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Bright and Cheery

Here is my latest creation that I crocheted for a little chemo warrior.

Bright Hat

We are collecting hats for children and adult chemo warriors, as well as for babies in the NICU.  Our goal is to continue with our monthly deliveries, so we will need a pretty substantial and steadfast supply of hats, scarves, blankets or anything else your heart guides you to knit, crochet, loom-knit or sew.

Please let us know if you need any more information.  You can contact us

Have a fantastic day!

Keeping At It!

I can whip out the hats quite quickly on the loom- it’s just these darn embellishments – sigh!

Red Hat with Cream Flower

Though I have  improved over the last 2 years on my crocheting skills, I am still not <even close to> satisfied with my current ability. I just wish I could quickly whip out the embellishments for the hats, whether it’s a flower or a nose. But I struggle, thrash it and redo, retry– back to the drawing board; maybe it’s the yarn, maybe it’s too textured — knowing deep inside exactly what the problem is. To fully illustrate this, on this hat, I tried 4 different flower type embellishments, from an i-cord flower that resembled an eye instead of a flower, a dark grey flower with ugly and uneven petals, a pale grey flower that was horrible. These were really horrible- it got to a point where I was considering just leaving the red hat plain- without a flower. If this off-white flower didn’t come out correctly, that’s exactly how this hat would be- bare.

I am glad that the flower came out “ok” and I sewed a little red strand along the center for interest.

I can’t dismiss the progress over the last year that I have made. Do you see the off white flower below?

my first flower

My 1st Crocheted Flower from 2/25/2013

But I am very impatient that I do have feel like a pro yet, that I struggle, that I have to search for easy patterns. It’s very humbling, to say the very least. My expectations for myself after working on something for 2 years does not align with the reality of my actual “skills” and I use that word very loosely when it comes to the topic of crochet.

But I try and try again…

PS Joined these link parties: Keep Calm Craft On   and Yarn Along and Candle in the Night

Sweet and Simple


I just finished a quick hat on the loom with a sweet & simple crocheted flower.  I constantly strive to improve my flower crocheting skills and was impressed with how easy this little flower actually was.  Sometimes you just need to create,  in order for to release more creative energy, and that’s exactly what I am hoping this hat does for me.

I hope that this pretty little  hat will bring a cancer warrior hope and smiles!

Simply Beautiful


Sometimes a simple hat with a  beautiful embellishment is all that is needed.  After challenging myself with characters and complex embellishments, sometimes I need to unwind and whip out something that I don’t have to think about- just let my fingers do their thing!  Then I am good to go for another challenging hat.  This flower was crocheted and I tried to follow a free pattern online, but ended up making it my own (translate- making errors).

Though simple, I think it’s beautiful, and I hope that a young girl who is fighting cancer will like it and wear it.


My 1st Crocheted Flower

I made this purple envelope hat out of a soft Charisma yarn for a young pediatric chemo warrior.  I used the toddler size round loom and did the garter stitch for the brim.  I e-wrapped the hat and when it came time to close the hat, I took it of the loom with my silver tapestry needle and a yellow yarn (it was a scrap piece). I took off each loop (each peg) and the entire hat (the last row) is all on the yellow yarn.  I then matched up each loop to its partner (corresponding loop) and did a single crochet with a purple yarn (same color as the hat) and the 2 partnering loops.  I repeated the single crochet step until I was done.  I then pulled out the yellow yarn from all the loops and made a knot inside the hat.

I then had some cream yarn and attempted my first flower using this pattern.