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A Cookie Monster for Jenna


Recently, Jenna connected with us on Facebook.  We were touched by her positive and optimistic spirit.   Jenna was born with a rare life threatening disease (called Chondrodysplasia Punctata) and has 16 other medical conditions and developmental delays that affect all of her bone joints. She says, “I am not supposed to live long and every year I am told it’s my last but every year I still am here fighting and holding my own!”    Jenna was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and is not feeling well today.    When she told us she received the hat, she said it made her smile on a difficult day.

To cheer Jenna on, provide love, prayers and support, please like her Facebook page (link)and let her know you were sent by Knitting Rays of Hope.

In the face of everything that Jenna fights, she still smiles and has a positive attitude.  Just look at how cute she is in the picture below:


Our goal is to bring smiles and spread hope with our hats.  I am glad to see Jenna’s beautiful smile and persistent hope— it just makes my day!