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Music Feeds the Soul


We made this hat for a special friend of ours who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She is a big fan of music, and we thought that this hat would be perfect for her. We had to do a bit of research, knowing nothing about music notes to find the perfect one and I think we found a great one. The hat came out even better than I pictured it in my head. Usually when I have an idea of what I want something to look like, it never really comes out like I planned. I was very happy when this hat came out so nicely. Our friend informed us that she would definitely be wearing this hat at her next treatment so that she will feel nice and cozy. We hope that it brings her some joy as we know the treatments are hard on everyone who has them.

Gifts of Hope & Warmth


Last week I went back to the Kaiser in Ontario, back to the infusion center where my sister-in-law and I would go for her chemotherapy, oncology doctor visits and blood transfusions.  Going there without her brought up very deep-seated anger and sadness which surprised even me. The 7 adult hats pictured above and a bunch of magazines were delivered to the patients of the oncology/infusion center.  I hope they are strengthened in their fight by these gifts.

Hats for Specific Causes


Because we wanted to make meaningful and beautiful hats for a previous request (link), we had extra Homespun blue yarn and 2 colon cancer awareness ribbons crocheted.  So my daughter  loom knitted 2 adult sized hats in the blue Homespun yarn, and Vanessa sewed on the ribbons that I crocheted.    Homespun yarn is a bit of a catch-22 for me.  The yarn is very, very soft and comes in beautiful colors.  One skein seems to last forever, yielding many hats from it.  However, the yarn is textured and tends to fray at the ends so it becomes sometimes, frustrating to loom knit with.  But I am grateful that my daughter has the patience to learn the nuances and work around them, as the hats are beautiful.

Vanessa and I have had many discussions about hats, the Knitting Rays of Hope cause, our goals and a road map on accomplishing some of our goals.  One of these discussions was about featuring the months’ awareness ribbons, such as November is the Purple Ribbon for Pancreatic Cancer.  Actually this was a very, very long discussion, and because of so many obstacles, we had to put this idea on the back burner.  Well, I think that these hats have brought this idea into the forefront once again.  We can make hats (at least a few) for that month’s awareness color/ribbon.  I hope to start on that very soon, once we get all the special hat requests completed.

There was a little ball of blue Homespun yarn left, and my daughter made this for a baby in the NICU.  The hat is so very soft.


Now, thankfully the yarn is completely gone.

Special Request for Colon Cancer Support


We made these hats above in support of colon cancer for Laura and her two girls. Laura’s husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, and she requested a hat that would allow her and her girls to show their support.  We debated for awhile over what would we could create, that would be beautiful and show support for colon cancer.  We came up with the hats above. For Laura, we made the hat blue to represent colon cancer as well as adding a beautiful cancer ribbon (that was crocheted). For the girls, we made flowers and placed the crocheted ribbons inside them. We have a beautiful picture of Laura wearing the hat:


Laura has become one of our greatest followers and recently awarded us the Liebster Award.  We are truly honored that she thought of us for this reward.


Here is the link to Mindsync in which she nominated our blog.  We are touched by the nomination and Laura’s support:

“The wonderful people who created this blog most likely do not have the time to follow these rules.  Therefore, though it might be out of my hands to do so, my heart and God’s had wrapped around my heart at this time give me permission to allow this site to accept this award from me without having to follow any of the rules.  Keep doing what you do.  You are number one to me hands down.  I am blessed to have these hats you made for me and my children.  These will forever and I do mean forever, be cherished and never viewed as anything less than three of the most precious objects we own.  Much love to you.  God Bless You and he has already.  With all of my heart.  Thank you.  I hope you don’t mind, but I want everyone to see just how special you and your blog really are, so I have posted below some words straight from your blog.”

We thank her deeply and have her and her family in our prayers.