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Gifts from Texas


We met a new friend, Cindy from Ft. Worth, Texas who sent us such beautiful hats!  Her hats include footballs, sock monkeys, minions and Cat in the Hat!


Cindy sent 42 beautifully made hats that will bring hope and smiles.  She included a card, that reads:

I found your organization on Pinterest and I’m hoping you can use these hats.  My dad was really sick so while Is pent time with him, I made them.  Shortly after that, I received an email from my local children’s hospital that they were NO longer accepting hats.  They are now purchasing them.

Please accept these, I’m sure you can share them with someone who needs them.


We most definitely will send these out to our local children’s hospital in the near future!   We are so grateful you found us and reached out to us with your generous gifts!

Thank you so much!


Introducing Baby Nate

My nephew received the hats that I made for him and I got these wonderful pictures of him to share:




Isn’t he just the cutest little thing? Look at his wonderful smile with Daddy. I just love it. His Mommy says that he is growing quickly and has already put a few pounds on since birth, which is just fantastic. We were all very worried when he tried to come very early at 32 weeks. Thankfully, Mommy was able to hold him in until 35 weeks so that he was just perfect. I wish that they didn’t live so far away so that I could officially meet him but he will be by for a visit soon. Thank goodness for the technology we have today, we can get pictures daily and videos. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lil’ Boy Blue


I made 9 hats for boys, for our next shipment.  It seems so easy to make pretty colors and flowers for girls, that I must make a true effort to make hats for boys.  I really like these hats and how different they can be.  The white yarn is a soft fluffy type of yarn.  I am starting to build confidence in mixing colors and stitches as you can see in these hats.  Hopefully the families of the baby boys in the NICU that receive these will smile knowing that we care.