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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Ribbon


This was created in honor of my sister-in-law, for her birthday (6/30) and for her courageous fight against this horrible disease! June is a particularly difficult month for my family now, but it used to be completely different.  We used to slightly groan about how it felt like Christmas in June, and how expensive it was for us as a young couple.  God created so many wonderful people in the month of June: my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my daughter, my brother, my nephew and sister-in-law.  We lost my mother-in-law to Lung Cancer in 2005, my father-in-law to ALS in 2009, and my sister-in-law to Pancreatic Cancer in 2012.  Oh, how I wish my problem was figuring out what to get them for their birthday instead of missing each of them so much.

Shortly, I will take this hat (and some others) to the adult oncology infusion center, where Wanda used to receive her chemotherapy.  I hope that it will bring courage, inspiration and hope to a chemo warrior in their fight against pancreatic cancer!