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Nancy’s Hard at Work

We received these wonderful hats from our dear friend Nancy. We were so overwhelmed with joy when she contacted us to let us know that she was back to work on all of these wonderful hats. She told me that her husband came accross her yarn stash and told her she needed to get rid of some of it. We are glad he did as pictured above is the result of her purging. She even has a new idea for creating a security octopus for our NICU warriors and she is working on those for her next donation. We can’t wait to see her new creations as she is such a talented crocheter.

If anyone else feels the need to purge some of their yarn they have stashed away we would love to take the creations off your hands:)


5 Year Blogiversary!

Today we are celebrating our 5 Year Blogiversary!


When we first began this journey, we had no idea that 5 years later we would still be going strong. It really is an amazing feeling to look back at how we have contributed to others and helped make their days a bit brighter. We are proud that we have done our part to give back to our community and we are so proud to have made and met so many wonderful friends on this journey.  As we have said before, we could not have done this without the support of our friends. A big shout out to everyone who made it possible for Knitting Rays of Hope to provide 4,956 hats to NICU babies and Cancer Warriors these past 5 years. Here is to another wonderful 5 years to come filled with continued friends, new friends, and Rays of Sunshine!


The Groundhog –as a Weatherman

Ground Hog Day

Hope you have a great day — filled with laughter and funny traditions!

LoomAHat Solves Hats with Holes

Our good friend, Denise at LoomAHat.com has always been a great resource in the loom knitting world.  Her blog and social media pages provide excellent tutorials and patterns.  Denise has recently made a YouTube Video troubleshooting an issue that many of us have run into when we loom knit.

I would love for you to visit LoomAHat.com –I’m sure you will find it as helpful as I do!

Hope you are having a great day!


Christmas Blessings

Our good friend, Becky from Blessings Through Raindrops sent us a box full of these goodies (23 hats– so many different sizes, stitches & colors)!

Knitted hats

Here are so many new stitches and embellishments!  Becky continues to improve her craft and makes us fabulous hats to help spread hope!

Knitted NICU hats

These adorable little treats will make everyone smile!  Becky’s card reads:

A few more hats for you- hopefully in time for Christmas!  I have been having so much fun making these, I hope that they will bring joy & comfort to the little ones who wear them!  I am working on a bunch more– learning new stitches & hopefully helping a little bit too!  Thank you again for all you do to make this happen!  I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are really impressed with Becky’s aptitude to learn new stitches!  We can’t wait to see what the next box will have in it!

One-Liner Wednesday

“Everything done in the world is done by hope.”

by Martin Luther