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Encouraging a Giving Heart


My 9 year old daughter recently decided that she wanted to make hats to give to others in need. So I taught her how to use the loom and above are her recent creations. She has quite the eye for colors.  She mixed yarn colors I would never had thought to do. She was definitely born with more artistic skills than I have.  She is just beginning to hone her skills and I hope to see some more creations form her in the future.

So proud to have a daughter that has the desire to give back and happy that I can help to instill the importance of giving back.



Bright and Cheery

Here is my latest creation that I crocheted for a little chemo warrior.

Bright Hat

We are collecting hats for children and adult chemo warriors, as well as for babies in the NICU.  Our goal is to continue with our monthly deliveries, so we will need a pretty substantial and steadfast supply of hats, scarves, blankets or anything else your heart guides you to knit, crochet, loom-knit or sew.

Please let us know if you need any more information.  You can contact us

Have a fantastic day!

With Vanessa’s Help

With Vanessa assistance in learning the new pattern, I was able to make this olive hat.


Remember this post, showing you what Vanessa made for my Aunt Kim in Ohio?  We used the same tutorial and since it was my first time following a intricate pattern, I also needed personal assistance, from my friend, showing me which stitch I was supposed to go into or front post DC into.

I am pretty proud of this creation and hope that we can start another one soon.  Maybe after 2 or 3 more, I will be confident enough to do it by myself 😉 .

If you would like to contribute to our monthly deliveries, we are collecting hats, blankets, lap covers, scarves and mittens.  Please see our “Get Involved” page for further details on yarn criteria and how to mail us your contribution.

My hope is that a teenage chemo warrior will like this and wear it, knowing we made it with love.

Donations from Sheila

We received our fourth shipment from Sheila from Bronx, New York.


Her card reads:

Once again, I am happy to be a part of your mission.  Enclosed are a few hats, hope they will bring joy to the recipients.

Be blessed

Thank you so much, Sheila for your continued support we can’t wait for your next donations!

Please remember that we are trying to create hats for a large delivery to children these next few months and we would appreciate donations to help us make our next shipment a LARGE one. Now is the time that children will need to keep warm with Winter beginning to set in. Thank you to all who continue to support us and we look forward to seeing all of your creations.


Ice Cream Dreams

Childhood should be all about ice cream, playing, cartoons and jumping.  For many though, sadly, it’s about iv’s for chemo, losing their hair, and being sick from cancer and medications to combat it.


I crocheted this hat and a pink crochet heart, with tiny cancer warriors in mind.  I hope that this will bring hope and love during some pretty horrible times.
~PaliChildhood cancer

My First Crocheted Hats

Inspired by Vanessa and her ambition to crochet hats, I dipped into the crochet world and created these two hats.


My 1st crocheted hats attempts

I found a free crochet pattern that basically used a double crochet stitch online to follow.  Luckily we had 1 Captain America patch that was ready to go, which added a perfect pizzazz to a pretty simple hat.

Off to begin another crochet project to advance my hat making skills.

Gift for Kim and a Call for Hats

This hat was created especially for Pali’s Aunt Kim.kim

Kim is battling cancer, and I made this to uplift her spirits as she battles this disease. This was my first attempt at what I would call an intricate crocheted hat. I have really moved away from using the loom and prefer crocheting as I like the design possibilities and the vast array of access to tutorials. To create this hat, I used this tutorial. I highly recommend it, however, it isn’t a great video for beginners. It did take me a while to grasp the front post crochet but once I got the concept completing the hat went quickly.


While creating this hat, Pali delivered our monthly batch of hats to our friend Melissa to take to CHOC. Melissa mentioned how much the hats were appreciated and explained to us the importance of remembering the need there is for children and teenage sized hats. She mentioned how people consistently donate to the NICU’s but rarely to the children and teenagers. We knew once we heard this that we would begin working on hats for these children right away. Melissa stressed the importance of soft yarns and cute styles for the children and  teenagers due to the sensitivity of their skin after treatments. We thought that this hat was a perfect style for that group and will be making a few of them for the next delivery. We are hoping to also find a few more tutorials for some stylish hats that we could try as well. It was really shocking to hear how under-served these groups are,  so we thought we would ask all of our friends to consider making hats for them in a variety of styles and colors so that we can have a giant delivery for them next month and in the upcoming months.

If you have some recommendations on videos we can learn from we would love to hear from you.





Special Delivery: 240 Hats for Cancer Warriors

We are ending this year on a happy note, with huge smiles on our faces.  When we started Knitting Rays of Hope, we had big ambitions and always wanted to donate to the City of Hope, a cancer hospital that is very close to us.  But we always wondered if we would have enough hats to meet the needs of such a huge cancer center.

240 Hats for Cancer Warriors

Last week, my mother and stepdad delivered 240 hats & scarves to City of Hope!  We are so proud of this grand accomplishment.  It’s our biggest delivery for cancer warriors yet, and we couldn’t have done it without you, all of our Team Hope knitters!

A little about City of Hope (from their website)

City of Hope is a world leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases. We deliver scientific miracles that make lives whole again.

Compassion is the heart of our approach and the driving force behind all our discoveries.

Founded in 1913, City of Hope is one of only 45 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

Each innovative treatment we create gives people the chance to live longer, better and more fully.


240 Hats Delivered

Ms. Linda receiving the hats from my stepdad

My folks met with Linda, from the Philanthropy and External Relations department, who was very appreciative of these hats.

At City of Hope, we combine science with soul to make miracles every day.

Our grand total to date is now 3,105 hats delivered! We are so excited to see how far Knitting Rays of Hope has grown!    We hope that we will be able to sustain this volume to keep all our local hospitals loved and warm.  We thank each and every one of our team members who helped make this possible!  We are blown away by how  creative, generous and caring all of you are- striving to make a difference in our world!  Keep spreading hope!

Cute Contributions from Amanda

We received more wonderful hats from our friend Amanda.



We really love this purple football hat. So adorable. Funny how we never thought of doing little footballs in different colors. Thanks for the great idea.


Below are some more wonderful NICU hats that Amanda created.


Below are her children hats. Love the stitching on the tan hat especially. These are sure to make a child’s day brighter.


amanda-childAmanda sent us this note with her contributions:

Thank you for all that you do!  This is a great cause that I will continue to contribute to!

Thank you Amanda for all you do in helping us spread “Rays of Sunshine” and we can’t wait to see your next creations.

Gifts from Judy

We received these beautiful hats from Judy in North Hollywood. Donation From Judy

This is Judy’s second donation to us and we could not be happier to be receiving her donations. Thank you Judy for your help. These hats will surely make a few babies and children happy this month. As September has come and gone and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is complete, we hope that people continue to talk about the need for a cure NOW and continue to raise awareness always. Children depend on the adults of the world to keep them safe and we need to live up to their expectations and find a way to end this horrible disease!