Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

For 2020, we thought we would take on a new challenge at Knitting Rays of Hope and ask all of our wonderful contributors to consider making blankets for donation to the Chemo Warriors.

Pink & White Blanket

A blanket crocheted for a friend who is having a baby girl!

We noticed in the hospitals that many of the warriors also enjoy cuddling with a beautiful blanket while receiving their treatments, and we wanted to ask all of you to help us keep them warm and comfortable. NICU babies love blankies too and moms cherish them even after the babies grow and kids of all sizes love to cuddle with their blankets.

We will add a counter for blankets received and hope to meet 200 blankets donated by next year.

Comments on: "2020 Blanket Challenge" (3)

  1. Any guides you can give for size dimensions as I never did blankets before,

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  2. Hey Pali!

    What dimensions are we looking for? Baby and adult.

    I know we are just getting started so I want to throw out the idea of a mixed square blanket. I often have small amounts of yarn left that would be great for a “granny” square. If we can agree on a dimension for the squares and maybe a few standard patterns, we could make these all year long and then sew them together to make several blankets.

    Food for thought. Thanks!

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