Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Last week, our sweet friend, Melissa picked up and delivered 219 hats and scarves to the pediatric oncology center at CHOC.


1st batch of hats for our Children’s Drive


2nd batch of hats for our Children’s Drive


Some hats & scarf sets and 1 green hoodie

We are so grateful to Melissa to make this happen for Knitting Rays of Hope, as well as all of our knitters who generously knit and contribute to keep Knitting Rays of Hope alive!  A little bit ago, we were informed that the children cancer center at CHOC wasn’t stocked as we originally had thought, and we had requested that our team concentrate on children and teenage sized hats.  It is because of you, that we were able to deliver 219 hats and scarves!  That is amazing, and we are so grateful!

With this delivery, Knitting Rays of Hope has been able to donate 4,487 hats, scarves and other knitted items!  This is amazing work, and we are making a difference and spreading warmth, love and hope!

Thank you to our entire team!

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