Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

This hat was created especially for Pali’s Aunt Kim.kim

Kim is battling cancer, and I made this to uplift her spirits as she battles this disease. This was my first attempt at what I would call an intricate crocheted hat. I have really moved away from using the loom and prefer crocheting as I like the design possibilities and the vast array of access to tutorials. To create this hat, I used this tutorial. I highly recommend it, however, it isn’t a great video for beginners. It did take me a while to grasp the front post crochet but once I got the concept completing the hat went quickly.


While creating this hat, Pali delivered our monthly batch of hats to our friend Melissa to take to CHOC. Melissa mentioned how much the hats were appreciated and explained to us the importance of remembering the need there is for children and teenage sized hats. She mentioned how people consistently donate to the NICU’s but rarely to the children and teenagers. We knew once we heard this that we would begin working on hats for these children right away. Melissa stressed the importance of soft yarns and cute styles for the children and  teenagers due to the sensitivity of their skin after treatments. We thought that this hat was a perfect style for that group and will be making a few of them for the next delivery. We are hoping to also find a few more tutorials for some stylish hats that we could try as well. It was really shocking to hear how under-served these groups are,  so we thought we would ask all of our friends to consider making hats for them in a variety of styles and colors so that we can have a giant delivery for them next month and in the upcoming months.

If you have some recommendations on videos we can learn from we would love to hear from you.





Comments on: "Gift for Kim and a Call for Hats" (3)

  1. Hello,I so appreciate your email today.I would love to donate hats for children & teenagers.Any ideas about patterns would be most appreciated.I know you have fun hat patterns for young children,buut I am honking of older kids who might want something different.I think there is a red for loomed patterns…for those of us with hand issues, looming is the best, and I’ve hardly seen any loomed chemo hat patterns anywhere.Thanks! I hope to be sending stuff your way in the near future.Best, R.Sent from Yahoo Ma


    • Hello! We are so excited that you are willing to help. I can understand that crocheting is not so great for some with hand issues. It does cramp up my hands too. I found a couple of tutorials on youtube that show different loom knitting styles. I haven’t tried them yet but they look easy to follow. For a popcorn style hat you can view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AZObIoQdJ8, for a spiral heart hat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AZObIoQdJ8, and for a reversible hat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AZObIoQdJ8. I think children and teenagers would love those styles. You could also do a bunch of hats with the standard loom technique just use the medium sized loom the same you would use for an adult and make them about 6 inches long for children and about 7 inches long for teenagers. As long as the yarn is nice and soft I am sure that they will love the hats. Can’t wait to see your creations:)


  2. Ps Sorry for the autocorrect typos!Sent from Yahoo Ma

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