Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


by Rebecca Calkin, Manager of Marketing & Communications

columbus-9c9217a71b23601ebe421f897d454b86The movement to drop Columbus Day and instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day has gained momentum over the past few years. Phoenix and Denver made the official switch and are celebrating their first Indigenous Peoples’ Day today.

Why make the change? When Columbus arrived in America, Native Americans were already here–just as many indigenous peoples were present in other areas of the world. Columbus didn’t “discover” America; he “claimed” it. As society recognizes that our history is comprised of many false “claims” to what belonged to others, it is important for this day to change.

In recent years, the slang word “Columbusing” has come to represent when people (usually white people) “discover” something that has existed for a long time, but simply existed outside of their culture. (Read more about Columbusing here).

Here are six news stories about the movement for Indigenous…

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