Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Found a great blog… Littler Fights Cancer Trust

For those battling now
For those who survived
For those who will battle
For those taken too soon

Little Fighters Cancer Trust

cancer-stats-imageSeptember is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which means that we are posting anything and everything we can to spread AWARENESS.

Today’s post is some brief information around the Risk Factors and Causes of Childhood Cancers.

Although tons of research is being done and childhood cancer survival rates have gone up in the past few decades, there are still too many Children with Cancer dying due to late diagnosis, and the incidence of invasive cancer has climbed by 29% in the past twenty years, which is why research into the causes of Childhood Cancer has been stepped up.

Please share far and wide to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness so that more parents can be aware of the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer and get their child to a doctor earlier should they exhibit any of the signs.

The Best Defence against Childhood Cancer is Awareness and Early Diagnosis

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Comments on: "What are the Risk Factors & Causes of Childhood Cancer?" (3)

  1. Thanks for re-blogging 😀 Thanks also for the great work you do in spreading knitted warmth and happiness amongst the Little Fighters ❤


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