Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We received this box full of goodies from our new friend, Shirley from Massachusetts.


Shirley1 Shirley sent a note that reads:

I have been watching your Knitting Rays of Hope on Pinterest for many months now and thought I could assist you in your wonderful endeavor. My sister is a cancer patient in Massachusetts and I know how much aid and comfort needs to be given to the patients as well as their families and friends.  My sister has a stoma and likes the cowl neck scarves.  Do you accept those as well as hats?

I have only been knitting for about 7 months now, so my hats are not the best by any means but they’re made with love.  I hope they’ll make someone happy to have it.  I am enclosing 18 chemo hatsa nd 7 children’s hats.

Thank you for working hard to impact the lives of others.

How wonderful these are Shirley, we are impressed as your skills are very good for a beginner.  We accept cowls, scarves, hats, blankets, purses, stuffed lovies and basically anything you can make by hand and think would be appreciated by our chemo warriors or babies in the NICU.

We pray for you and your sister and send love and positive thoughts.  Thank you for your contributions and we hope to continue our friendship!


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