Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

In January, we received this box full of adorable hats and scarves from a new friend in Fullerton, California.


We are so appreciative of the generous donations!  Keep ’em coming in!  We are close to getting current on blogging about the packages we have received…

Comments on: "From a New, Local Friend" (2)

  1. Christine Ward said:

    I’m new to loom knitting, but I’m getting quite good at it. I’d like to know how to send a hat or two at a time. Do I put them in a bubble package or box? What is the most economical way to send them? I’m not planning to knit in quantity yet, but I’d like to know the procedure. Any hats I send will be okay?


    • Hello! Welcome to loom knitting and Knitting Rays of Hope! Any hat, any size for both males and females are accepted so long as the yarn criteria is met (link https://knittingraysofhope.wordpress.com/get-involved/)
      Probably for a few hats, the most economical way to send it is in a large manila envelope. Bubble wrap or packing is not necessary. Please let us know you sent something so we can keep our eyes out for it.

      We look forward to seeing your creations! Thank you so much!


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