Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Hello– this is my first blog as I am advancing my contributions to the Knitting Rays of Hope cause. I am very proud to let you know that we delivered 75 baby hats and 1 big crocheted Tetris blanket to the Ontario Kaiser NICU .


We also were approached by a manager in Ontario Kaiser NICU, Cindy, who informed us of her trip to Guatemala.  She wrote:

I am planning a trip to Guatemala in providing resuscitation training for over 100 midwives. A big part of the helping babies breathe training is keeping the babies warm. We are providing delivery bags with resuscitation equipment for each midwives and am hoping to provide them with a blanket and a baby hat. These will be washed between deliveries for them to take to each delivery. If you have any extra hats, would you consider donating for us to take to Guatemala.

So we provided Cindy with 100 hats to take with her to Guatemala and wish her safe travels and luck in her important work with the midwives.


We want to thank you for donating to Knitting Rays of Hope, without your hats and support, we would not have been able to fulfill both of these needed ventures.

Thank you!


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