Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We are so thankful for our steadfast friends like Becky, who has sent these fabulous hats!   We were fortunate enough to meet Becky through blogging– her blog is appropriately titled Blessings Through Raindrops, and that’s exactly how we feel about Becky!

Child hats by Becky

Here are 27 hats for pediatric cancer warriors!

Baby Hats by Becky

Here are 28 of Becky’s baby sized hats!

The pictures really don’t do the hats justice, there are all various sizes, yarns and stitches.  She really has put alot of time and effort into each of these hats!

She included a card that reads:

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you!  I just keep thinking I’ll make one more & then I end up making a few more!  I hope that you will be able to use these, I certainly had fun making them! 🙂   Thank you again for the opportunity.  I’m already starting on my next shipment!  God Bless you and all who wear these hats!

We definitely can use more hats as we are expanding our list of hospitals that we deliver the hats to.  We are currently gathering a huge children and teenage collection for deliveries to larger cancer hospitals.  We always wanted to help supply them, but felt that we needed to provide a quantity that could sustain the magnitude of this hospital.

Thank you Becky.  We are positive that these hats will spread hope and love and brings smiles all about!


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