Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Remember when we wrote about Donna’s promise of another box (here), well it has arrived!    <Honestly, it arrived a while ago, but we were a little backlogged on our blog.>  But these hats are so beautiful and worth the wait!


Hats for children cancer warriors made by Donna


NICU hats made by Donna

Donna sent a lovely note with her hats that reads:

I am so pleased to be sending you two boxes of hats- one is for toddlers, babies and preemies and one box is full of larger hats of various sizes (and some more for the little ones as well).  My count is 50 hats, though the number doesn’t really matter.  I am so privileged to be able to help.

I want to thank you for your efforts.  There is a kind of excitement at seeing the hat numbers go up on your website, and knowing that I am a very tiny part of your efforts makes me feel as warm as if I was wearing a knitted hat!

I learn a lot from the people who send you hats too!  I often think… oh now that’s a good idea!  It feels like we are all connected.  Thank you so much for that.

Well, gotta go, my loom await

The note from Donna warmed our hearts… to hear that other people get as excited as we get to see our counter of hats delivered increase!  We are so pleased that we can provide a community feel, we really strive to make everyone feel part of Team Knitting Rays of Hope!  Everyone of you matter and add to our mission of spreading hope!

Donna sent us her first box of hats in May of 2014 and she continues being a strong and consistent part of our team!

Thank you, Donna for your beautiful creations and such a touching note.  You are an inspiration!


Comments on: "More Gifts from Donna" (2)

  1. awesome..Love that you show pics of the donations..


    • Thank you! We are so grateful of the contributions and so amazed at how generous people truly are- that we feel we need to share the good news! Spreading hope and positive news! 🙂 Thank you for your comment


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