Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We received these 34 NICU hats and 7 children hats from our new friend Yvonne from Vista, California.  We are so excited about having a new friend! Thank you Yvonne for sending us your creations to donate. We love your hats and are so thankful you have chosen to help us spread Rays of Hope to babies and children.


We especially love this hat pictured below. What a great design! This will make a little one very happy.


Thank you, Yvonne, and we hope to see more of your creations in the near future.

Comments on: "A New Friend- Yvonne" (2)

  1. Oh Wow!! I saw this Facebook and just a few minutes ago – My Daughter made the one like a Fedora style hat! We are hoping to make more and I’m sure she’ll make more of that style when she can. She also made many of the bigger kid hats. We even got her Hubby to make a Loomed hat or two!

    You are very welcome and I hope to send more soon! I have a blog and will like this article and hopefully we can get some more goodies for you! Take care!!

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    • That is so wonderful that you have the family helping you make these. Please let your daughter know how much we love the fedora hat.If she can give us tips on how to get our husbands to help out that would be great too:)

      Thank you for sharing the post and thank you again for your support. We can’t wait to get more goodies!


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