Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

The Sibling Effect… so poignant, detailed and authentic piece that shares the effects of cancer on the ENTIRE family, especially the other children – the siblings. Heartbreaking


“He’s ruined all my birthdays mom, he was sick for every single birthday.”  His statement is pretty accurate.  Every birthday that Eli is most likely to remember (age 4,5,6 and 7) Sam was sick.  It was like clock work, every year, right in the middle of Eli’s party.  The first year Sam had just been diagnosed and was just lying on the couch sleeping most of the day.  I couldn’t leave Sam’s side so I sat inside with him while everyone celebrated outside.  The year after that I planned a huge party for Eli to make up for the year before.  Sam got sick in the middle of the party.  I had to leave my house full of 50 people and my sweet birthday boy to take Sam to the ER and get admitted.  The following year Sam spiked a fever again during Eli’s party, and again the following year. …

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