Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

It’s heartbreaking- but we need to talk to our children about bullying. Wounds of childhood follow throughout lifetimes


The person who wrote this post wanted to remain anonymous; feelings like this are not easy to own.  This post is as emotionally raw as you will read in my series this month.  It is a testimony of how bullying can have a long term affect on a person.  I should also point out that this child wasn’t only bullied at school but was also a victim of undiscovered abuse at home.

Although I am giving this person an opportunity to voice his anger, I feel I need to say he is a wonderfully kind individual and he is a good friend.  Not all children victimized by bullies day in and day out turn out to be so kind.  Some never make it out of childhood as evidenced by all the horrendous news headlines.  It is hard to say, or spin, this kind of abuse into something positive.  In fact…

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