Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

We love how Knitting Rays of Hope is continually “going”, and that’s simply because of how great our team is!  Keep knitting, keep contributing — so Knitting Rays of Hope keeps going.

3 hats

Though we, ourselves, have been swamped and haven’t found any time to loom knit many hats recently, we are so pleased when Knitting Rays of Hope receives contributions, as that means we can still send out our monthly shipments and spread hope to local families!

3 Purple NICU hats

All the hats in this post were created and donated by my sister, who is trying to knit up all her current yarn stash.

2 hats by Natree

If you are interested in learning how to loom knit, please visit our Tutorials page.  We have listed a collection of YouTube tutorials that we found extremely helpful when we were learning.

If you are interested in contributing to Knitting Rays of Hope, we have yarn/hat criteria, free patterns and a mailing address listed on our Get Involved page.

Your support is everything to Knitting Rays of Hope!


Comments on: "Keep ’em Coming!" (3)

  1. Yeah! That’s what I’ve been doing….trying to knit up all of my yarn stash 🙂 I think I probably should send the ones I have done to you, because it appears that my “stash” is never-ending! I’ll be sending them to you soon! Have a great week!


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