Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Keeping At It!

I can whip out the hats quite quickly on the loom- it’s just these darn embellishments – sigh!

Red Hat with Cream Flower

Though I have  improved over the last 2 years on my crocheting skills, I am still not <even close to> satisfied with my current ability. I just wish I could quickly whip out the embellishments for the hats, whether it’s a flower or a nose. But I struggle, thrash it and redo, retry– back to the drawing board; maybe it’s the yarn, maybe it’s too textured — knowing deep inside exactly what the problem is. To fully illustrate this, on this hat, I tried 4 different flower type embellishments, from an i-cord flower that resembled an eye instead of a flower, a dark grey flower with ugly and uneven petals, a pale grey flower that was horrible. These were really horrible- it got to a point where I was considering just leaving the red hat plain- without a flower. If this off-white flower didn’t come out correctly, that’s exactly how this hat would be- bare.

I am glad that the flower came out “ok” and I sewed a little red strand along the center for interest.

I can’t dismiss the progress over the last year that I have made. Do you see the off white flower below?

my first flower

My 1st Crocheted Flower from 2/25/2013

But I am very impatient that I do have feel like a pro yet, that I struggle, that I have to search for easy patterns. It’s very humbling, to say the very least. My expectations for myself after working on something for 2 years does not align with the reality of my actual “skills” and I use that word very loosely when it comes to the topic of crochet.

But I try and try again…

PS Joined these link parties: Keep Calm Craft On   and Yarn Along and Candle in the Night

Comments on: "Keeping At It!" (8)

  1. I actually love the white flower. Its the first thing I noticed. Have you ever tried using a flower loom to make a yarn flower. Mine is vintage and I’m not sure if they still make them but I have seen them on places like eBay. They make really nice flowers and are quite easy to make. And the pegs are removable so you can make them in all different sizes.


    • I do have the flower loom and have tried it a long while ago and wasn’t very fond of it! But perhaps I wasn’t doing it correctly….. I will have to unearth it and give it a go again. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. This is so pretty. Someone is going to love it. 🙂


  3. I love these. My favorite is the red one.


  4. Remember there are some of us who don’t know the first thing about knitting – so you are way ahead of us. Besides your flowers look great to me!


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