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Football Season

As you may already know, we are huge football fans.  Though the football season is almost done, I’d say this has been an interesting season.  After many years of begging, we finally caved and allowed my son play youth tackle football, which he loved.  He did fairly well, getting exposed to all different positions and found he likes quarterback the best.  His team made it to the 1st round playoffs and he was nominated to play in the All Stars Game.  We just had his banquet and he received a patch for being a “Scholarly Athlete”, which meant maintaining a 3.0 or higher during the football season.  I was actually surprised that it was only 3.0 GPA and only 5 boys out of the team received this.  But nonetheless, we are proud.

Traditionally we follow the NFL, more specifically the Steelers.  But my son has started following college football and has become a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks.  Tonight, we will be watching the Championship game between Oregon and Ohio State, cheering for the Ducks, so long as homework is complete. 😉

I made these hats for fellow football fans, 2 hats for children and 1 hat for a baby in the NICU, over the break, while watching the Ducks win the Rose Bowl and our Steelers lose in the playoffs to the Ravens.  Since our Steelers are out, we might quietly cheer for the Seattle Seahawks to win Superbowl.  I don’t know why the Seahawks, we normally are true blue Steeler Fans, not rooting for anyone else.  Perhaps it’s because Russell Wilson is my son’s doppelganger.  But we certainly don’t cheer for the Seahawks as loudly as we do for our Steelers!

Hope you have a great evening!

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Comments on: "Football Season" (7)

  1. Those hats are super cute and congratulations to your son! We are pretty big football fans at our house too, but we don’t have a team in the play-offs either. I’ve found football a lot more enjoyable to watch when my team ISN’T one of the teams playing 🙂 Although, I am cheering for the Ducks tonight!


  2. Adding to your football festivities, I actually pinned this football hat pattern of yours about 44 weeks ago. Now as you can see, it’s been quite popular! So of course, I had to let out a cheer and share this post on my blog’s fb page ::D ♥ ❤ @ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/12596073932120664/


  3. These are SO cute! My husband would LOVE for me to make these for the kids! 🙂 Thanks for linking up at Candle in the Night’s Work in Progress Wednesday!


    • Thank you for hosting the link up party! Thanks for your kind words and yes- kids love these! You should make them for your kiddos! 🙂


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