Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Donna from Washington sent us a box full of these fantastic hats!  We are so pleased with Donna’s dedication- as this is her second box full of hats that she has created and contributed to Knitting Rays of Hope.  Her beautiful card has a message that shows Donna’s heart and loving attitude:

Hello!  This is my second box to your worthy effort this year and I am so happy to be able to contribute in a small way.

This box contains 40 hats for preemie and baby heads. 🙂  If I counted right!  I kept thinking I would stop after every 10 hats – but then- I would knit another 10!  But now I really do need to stop and send to you- because the box is full!  I hope to start on adult hats next and send a box in January or February.

I read every post in the Knitting Rays of Hope sit and appreciate your hard work and caring, compassionate attitude to life!


Thank you, Donna!  We are so grateful for you, your contributions and support!  <Thank you for not stopping 🙂 >  We hope to continue to do great things together in 2015!


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