Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


We rang in 2015 with excitement, gratitude and love!  After about a 2 week break for holidays and family time, we are slowly adjusting back into our routines.  Vacations are needed to rejuvenate your souls and reconnect with loved ones.  But now it’s time to begin work with fresh enthusiasm.

Looking Back
Two years ago in January 2012, we began making hats and donating them to chemo centers.  We started as a group just trying to make a difference, supporting our loved ones as they fought cancer.  I can’t really articulate how I felt when I saw so much hope during such dark times – love in action.  Strangers would gather to love and spread hope to comfort cancer warriors and their families in their own special way.  A lady once graced the oncology center by towing her hefty harp and playing lovely, relaxing strings for the cancer warriors as they received their infusions of chemotherapy.  I was just so touched and moved seeing how the harpist affected everyone in the room with her talents and efforts.  I was inspired- spurred into doing something of my own to make a difference, but what?  I am not musically talented, nor artsy or crafty.  Well, a group of friends were loom knitting scarves and as I shared my encounters during my sister-in-law’s chemo treatments, we were inspired to make hats on the circular loom.  Like I said, I am not crafty by nature, but I was determined and had the support of a great group of friends and the helpful online loom knitting community.

Our Love in Action
And in two years, we are very proud that Knitting Rays of Hope was able to donate 2,290 hats to cancer warriors of all ages, babies in the NICU and a few other strong warriors fighting horrifying diseases!

Our web presence has also grown.   In 2012, this blog had a total of 6,004 views which grew to 74,975 views for 2014!  Our online friends, followers and connections have grown abundantly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well. But most importantly, our team has magnified– we are receiving hats from other parts of the state and country because our team of contributors care and are making a difference!

Looking Forward
As we look forward, the cliche would be to set a goal for a number of hats for 2015, but I would rather make a resolution to increase the lives we touch by spreading love and hope, by making a difference in our world, both locally and online, by connecting with more friends and supporters.  I encourage all of you to get involved in something that brings joy to your soul by “giving back”.  Make a difference in your own way with your own talents.  If making a hat for cancer warriors or little babies in the NICU, speaks to you, we would love to receive your creations!

For more information, please visit our Get Involved Page or email us or comment below.

I wish you all the best as you go forth making a difference in our world.

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