Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Pumpkin Sock Monkey hat

Around this time of year, we are inundated with pumpkins- from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin chili.  I actually enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice lattes, but I do have my limits.  I cannot fathom trying pumpkin chili or pumpkin soup.  Anyways I thought we could use a pumpkin inspired sock monkey.  Of course, you can use this pattern for any type of sock monkey, just change the colors and use your imagination!


Sock Monkey
<Free Pattern>

I made this hat on a 31 peg loom for a young child

To create a this brim
Using 2 strands of  green yarn
Row 1: e-wrap the pegs  (for this type of brim-garter stitch- I don’t use the peg on the side. I typically begin with the 1st peg and have my slip know part of the brim)
Row 2: purl stitch
Row 3:  e-wrap stitch
Row 4: purl stitch
Row 5:  e-wrap stitch
Row 6: purl stitch

For the face
Using a white yarn and an orange yarn
e-wrap  until the hat is 4.5  inches long (from bottom of brim to top)
My row count is 15  (not including the brim)

For the top of the hat
Using 2 strands of orange yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows

Change to 2 strands of white yarn
e-wrap for 3 rows and close the hat  using the gathered method
(our friend, Denis at Loomahat.com a great tutorial on how to close that hat here)

For the Ears    (Crochet)
Using a white yarn and an orange yarnWe followed a YouTube Tutorial

For the Mouth    (Crochet)
Using a brown yarn
Crochet a chain of 12 for 2 rows
Switch to a white yarn
Crochet 1 sc in each chain, except at the ends
For the ends, DC in each chain to create an oval

Sew the mouth, ears, button eyes and pom-pom onto the hat

I have made a few different variations of the sock monkey as they were specially requested.


If you use this pattern, we would love to see your creations!  Post a picture in the comments 🙂

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