Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Dear Tessa,

Today I feel slightly unsettled.  Yesterday was your third and final spinal tap. You had another bone marrow biopsy done to see what those pesky cells that resisted treatment are really doing. If things would have went according to plan, yesterday would have been your last day of treatment.  You would have walked out of the hospital as free as the birds that you point to in the sky. Unfortunately we know now that it is not your final treatment. Sure for now it is. But overall it was another day of muscle relaxers and watching a nurse work your arms, hands and feet as they punctured you to place an IV. Another tear filled moment of watching your body melt into the careful hands of doctors after they pumped you with anesthetics. Another painful thirty minutes in the waiting area for your daddy and me while you are out.  I…

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